Shiny People

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Voice, Organ, Brass Ensemble, Guitar, Percussion(3), Bass


17 parts11 pages02:328 months ago244 views
Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet(2), Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(4)
Over the past couple of months, I've forced myself to procrastinate productively. (i.e., instead of putting off homework by watching YouTube, I would put off homework by writing this song.) I chose a march for my procrastinating piece because I didn't think marches were very difficult to make, and so I could compose without a ton of effort/thinking. But the result is something that has little-to-no emotional significance to me, which is OK, I guess, but I'm still not super duper proud of it. Anyway, see what you think.

I didn't really know how to write a march, so I looked at some of the marches we played in my school band, and I noticed that they all started with some sort of big fanfare introduction. I wasn't feeling super creative at the time, so I chose one of the simplest possible openings: a descending chromatic line. Use the trombones for some accents on the offbeats, and that's done. Now my inspiration was coming back. I wrote a nice little melody for the trumpets and woodwinds and added some boom-chuck rhythm in the drums. A lot of the marches I looked at were written in a couple repeated strains, so that's what I did. In the second strain, I added some accidentals to keep it interesting, and that low bassoon note has a dark texture that helps give this section a different feel. Next is the trio: the grand part at the end, where you add another flat to the key signature. OK. I liked the countermelody in the horns and bassoon from the previous section, so I made that the main melody in the trio. I put some cool chords in the brass that give this last part a grander feeling. End the song on a strong unison.

Boom, a march.

Latin oddities

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Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Guitar(2), Piano(2), Bass, Percussion

Rock Rock

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Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Percussion(4)
Enjoy a musical masterpiece as you listen to the famous composer Tyler Funk's original song. Rock Rock

Call me Mr Koo Koo

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This is a very silly piece. It was my first experience using MuseScore so I tried a number of various features out.

This piece is a song as sung by "Uncle Sylvester" the looney-tune old man who lives chained to the water meter in my basement. Every Halloween, he breaks loose and gives candy and useless junk to the local kids. He's a little wacky, but harmless. One day, the nutcase started singing this song. The words to this wacko's song are:

"Call me Mister Koo koo
That's my name.
Call me Mister Koo koo.
I'm insane.
Call me Mister Koo koo.
That's my fame.
Koo koo head, Koo koo head
Call me Mister Koo koo head,

I hope he doesn't sue me for releasing his song.

I hope you enjoy this piece and if you hate it I hope the volume control is nearby.