Guide to creating a Wild Pokemon Battle theme

Oct 31, 2015

All the Wild Pokemon Battles seem to have these things in common:
At least 4 distinct parts (transition [T], A,[begin loop] B, C...[loop])
T is always a chromatic-like sequence (that is always dreaded)
A is a transition between T and B. Pokeballs stacking, Pokemon announced. Trainers without time usually run away at this point.
B always has (with the exception of D/P/Pl since it comes later) a dotted quarter note, dotted quarter note pattern for the first measure, which is then repeated after another few notes are played to establish the melody at this part.
C-... can be anything.
Bassline is a simple eighth-note pattern usually.
Percussion is important! You can't have a battle theme without fast-paced drums.
Parts B, C, and anything after are looped.
Lastly, make it memorable! since the nostalgia always comes back.
These patterns are also seen in other battle themes.
This is a companion to my contest announcement.
P.S. Thank you always Junichi Masuda


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