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As someone who is still a relative newbie to the site, was aware of any group moderators to whom I could post this question to. Have made my own arrangement from the Pocket Monsters Anime under a different title (Valse Petite) which is accessible under my account, and would appreciate a few critiques and anyone's opinions as to whether or not it could be submitted to the group. As to how it is to be submitted to the group is above me. Anyone care to help?

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2 years ago


I didn't think this group would get so popular! I was just looking for another place to put my Pokemon Center. I never imagined a group made by an 11 year old kid (I'm now 12 xD) would be so large with 22 members and some of the best composers I know like GolfingFalcon and Pimplup. Thank you, everyone!

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3 years ago