need a score tweeked

Hi. I put up a score a couple months back and although I like the way it turned musically (for the most part) I know the notation quality is severely lacking. I just started notating last year and really need help with the nuiances. The notes are right but I need help with the rest of it.
Also I can only get online with my phone right now so I cant upload it here. But its on my profile. Its called Babylon the Great is Fallen.
This incomplete version is 1299 measures. I cant upload the final version yet. I know its really long but maybe different people could look at different sections of it?
Thanks for any help with it.

3 years ago

Shortcoming in musescore 2.0?

I am trying to add a ritard note in a score. I can't find any way to do that or anything
in the handbook that shows me how. Can anyone help?


3 years ago

Changing measures in existing score

I recently created a score where I should have started with a one-beat pickup and didn't. So, to fix it, I need to move all the measure bars over by one beat after creating the pickup measure. Is there a way to do that short of rewriting everything?

Thanks for the help.

4 years ago

Searching for the proper drum

I am making a piece, but I want to add in a couple of big "THUDs" in the background. It's hard to describe, but it's to add in a starting THUD at the start of each measure in a certain part. I tried a bass drum, but it's so quiet I could barely hear it, even when I maxed speakers and put the triple fff on it (im not sure of its name). I'm just looking for drum suggestions, substitutions, or how to make them loud. If it's a problem with musescore, making the drums loud, I will just do without.

5 years ago

Two pieces , two dead ends

I have run into two miserable dead ends with two pieces that I think were pretty good :((
Please help.
I will post these pieces in the group

5 years ago