Apologies for the super late results. I've been really busy this month.

First before you read the results, here's how I scored your pieces. 50 points for how it sounds, 30 points for similarity to my composing style, 20 points for fitting the length. 10 extra credit for using the soundfont. Also, people say I'm a harsh grader sometimes

Manic Lament for the Hallowed Evening! by Robertertert
44+21+20+10EC = 95/100

Down the Dark Alley! (This is my first composition, please give feedback! Thanks, Enjoy, if possible :) P.S. Meant more as a video game or movie piece than for solo.(Think "Jaws") Version 2.1 by Huntman
23+9+20+0EC = 52/100

I was with you - From the Faust by ❤Linny❤
42+17+20+10EC = 89/100

Halloween Dream by placerwiz
34+12+20+10EC = 76/100

Congratulations to Robertertert, and everyone else who participated! You all did great no matter what score you got. The top three of you, feel free to message me and we can start a collab <3

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2 years ago