write a random story game

so post the most random story you can think of, and then if someone really likes it. they can type
pardon me can you repeat that.
and if somone says that as a reply to your story. you can post another one. but if somone really hates it and posts as a reply
your out.
if you get both. just go by whichever one has more
if theres more pardon me can youu repeat thats, you can keep going. or vice versa.
also you have a limit of one hundred words for each story.
and also you can only reply on somones story once.
and ALSO you cannot reply to your own story
AND ALSO! you cannot copy any other stories. they must be completely original
if you break any of these rules you will be immediately disqualified.
one mere thing.
by the time you figure out what your story is about, you have only five minutes to type it up >:D
if you break that rule you are also immediately disqualified
also as maker of this discussion i get to make up rules as the game progresses. (in case people find loopholes)

Have Fun :D

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10 months ago