One Complaint on Anime

The one way to trigger me: Threaten to do something to Oka Ruto.

I started watching a fan-made Yandere Simulator anime titled "LoveSick" on YouTube. I loved it, but didn't want to wait 15 more episodes for Oka Ruto's appearance like everyone else would. So, I messaged the creator privately on Discord. I asked if Oka was going to be matchmade with Shin Higaku like I wanted to happen. The creator replied, "No, unfortunately I have other plans for Oka. Her fate is sealed ;)"

This scared me. I kept messaging her until she yelled at me for spamming. She did say that Oka would have an appearance in the next episode, but as we were still on Osana Najimi, the only way we could hear anything from Oka is if her club was disbanded, according to the original game creator, YandereDev. He stated, "If Oka's club is disbanded before her week arrives, there may be a cutscene in which she expresses some very sad feelings." 

I don't want this to happen! I literally was crying myself to sleep, because I didn't like what was happening. There was a million lethal ways to eliminate Oka as a rival, and only three non-lethal: Matchmaking, framing, or expelling. I don't want Oka to be framed for murder OR expelled, OR killed!

Let me just say that the creator of that anime has lost herself one viewer.

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2 days ago

What's your opinion on tofu

I think it is one of the best foods out there.  I really do.  My personal favorite kinds of tofu are fried and plain in soup. A lot of people complain that it's tasteless but that adds more fun, because you get to mix flavors into it without there being a flavor there already.
Tofu in soup is heaven.  There is nothing more I can say.

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12 hours ago

How well do you know me?

Since i'm very new, let's do this!

What is my:
Primary instrument?
Fave singer?
Fave musician?
Fave video game?
Prof pic of?
Fave anime?
Fave food?
Fave song?
Fav Yan Sim rival?

That's all for now!

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a month ago

What do you all know about me...........

Yep, I'm posting this.
I've finally succumbed to this.
And Jackie Carson is face palming so hard right now (sorry Jackie, hopefully your face is still undamaged).

Now, here's a TWIST (hehehehehe)
You CANNOT say any of the following:

- I compose music
- I own this group
- I'm a girl called Rebecca Yang
- I'm (very) active on musescore

No loopholes!! :DDD

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8 hours ago

How well do you know me?

 If you can't beat them, then join them. I'll update this post when someone guesses correctly and write who got it.

What is my: 
Age: 17 (Rebecca Yang)
Gender: Male (Rebecca Yang)
Nationality: Korean (Rebecca Yang)
Favorite composer:
Favorite non-classical musician:
Favorite food:
Favorite drink:
Favorite anime:
Primary instrument: Piano (Rebecca Yang)
Secondary instrument: Clarinet (Rebecca Yang)
Favorite MOBA:
Favorite FPS:
Favorite Non-MOBA & Non-FPS game:
Favorite Operating System:
Favorite piano concerto (1900s-2000s):
Favorite symphonies (3 of them, 1900s-1960s):

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11 hours ago

Band moments

Hey guys, so I'm going on a cross-country road trip with my mom to visit family (I've actually been gone for a few days and am posting this from mobile) so I'll be pretty inactive for a few weeks. Of course now my brain starts coming up with some great musical ideas, but it's fine. Everything's fine :').

Anyways, in the mean time I figured I would ask those of you who are or have been in band what some of your favorite band memories are. I think my favorite was when we were on a late ride home from championships my freshman year at about 1:30am and we were all so tired we were basically drunk. My friend turned to my other friend and was like "you need to tell Freedom to be more apreciative enough" and we all just exploded with laughter and woke the bus up.

Also, I hope everyone's having a great start to their summer!

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17 hours ago

Google Translate Discussion

Why don't we make this discussion a place where if you want to say something, you put it through Google translate first (to a few other languages and then back to English)

Malinda Kathleen Reese does this with song lyrics on YouTube and it's pretty funny.  I just recently translated a sentence for 30 minutes and got something about M&M's and alarms and applications.

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15 hours ago

Ugh more plagiarising

Thanks Rebecca for telling me about this.

So I know it's just an arrangement, but a guy has plagiarised my score the took me about two months to make. He hasn't credited me AND he's used an original cover design made by someone else. On his account, he's got quite a few comments saying things like 'this is the best score on musescore' and 'amazing job this must have taken ages' as well as nearly 60 favourites. I'm quite annoyed.

So I was wondering if you guys could leave a comment to say that this isn't his score, just so others that visit it know it's mine, and he doesn't get anymore recognition. Thanks guys, sorry this is a bit weird but I worked so freaking hard on this score! Thanks.

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5 days ago

Group Celebration?

Since I don't know when this group was made and Father's day is around the corner, I want to celebrate @rebeccayang for making this group. As a response, I want everyone to share their best experience since joining this group. Not to flutter, but I gotta have to say meeting someone like Rebecca Y was my best since I could 100% to how her parents react and knew I was not alone with this imprisonment xd.

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12 days ago

Plagiarizer Supreme

A certain user by the name of Dookis Supreme is plagiarizing my compositions and claiming them as his/her own. For example, here is a piece they copied NOTE FOR NOTE:

My piece:
Their piece:
There is another piece where he/she takes a piece of mine and butchers it, turning it into some nonsense about raging tapioca pudding:

My piece:
Their piece:

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3 days ago

Official Apology of the Dookis

I apologize to the following people for plagiarizing their scores:

The Virtuoso Pianist (even though I was not the Koodis, I initiated the madness that caused someone to create the Koodis, so I apologize any way).

I apologize to the following people for impersonating and mocking them:

mnmwert (micah miller)
Fia Goudes (I can't remember her user name)
Rebecca Y
and everyone else who I angered and put on edge who I don't remember their names

I am going to be a good Musescorer. If I start to step out of line, just gently correct me (I have multiple personality syndrome or something like that).

And could someone try to get the admins. to unblock Dookis Supreme. I would prefer that email for my account.

Thank You :)

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a day ago

Windows Updates

Please tell me I'm not the only one who will literally press the wait option for weeks until it eventually forces you to update windows 10.

Like, it says it's an important update, but then I do it and it's just some random stuff with the windows browser that I don't even care about

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6 days ago
8 were finals? (I'm also taking arrangement suggestions now)

School is out and now that I'm a few days into my break I finally have time for Musescore (congrats, y'all have converted me from typing MuseScore) again. Because I have some time on my hands for the first time in a while, I'll be looking for pieces to arrange in order to keep my mind going since I won't have music classes every day. I have a few projects started (EDIT: one of the pieces is has been uploaded; go check it out!), but am already out of arrangement ideas, which is where y'all come in! If there are any pieces you want to see arranged put it in the comments and I'll take a look at them. That's all for now, but I'll be around pretty much every day for a few weeks at least.

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3 days ago

CueBase VS FL Studio

I was thinking about getting 'FL Studio' for a while... But then someone recommended for me to get 'CueBase'. And it's basically, from my opinion, better in every way! XD 

It would be fun if a bunch of you guys looked them both up, and we could have some discussions about them and are opinions on them! (Also feel free to recommend other software of the same type so we could expand our world a bit!)

And don't forget to have lots of ferocious arguments! XD

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9 days ago