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Jun 8, 2018

Every time you see this, post the time and date from where you are now


10:10 Am 08/06/2018 Belguim
3:16 AM, June 8th (2018), Chicago
Its 8:16 AM, June 8th, New York City
2111 8.VI.18 Philippines
123654:349384398 Urgz Standard Time
2:37 PM June 8, 2018 Cincinnati  
11:23 pm, June 8, pacific time.
I've just played piano for 2.5 hrs straight (which is pretty rare cause I usually can't focus more than 45 mins at once without a break) :P
10:13 AM, June 9, Eastern Standard Time
6:02  PM, 10th June, NSW, Australia
12:18 pm, June 10, Los Angeles
8:10 PM, June 10, Eastern Standard Time (Haha! It’s so fun logging in the current time 😆)
10:04 PM 14th June NSW Australia
8:07 AM June 14th, Pacific Time Zone
234:85 XM June 48th, Lacus Timoris
234:91 XM June 48th, Lacus Timoris
258:25 XM June 48th, Lacus Timoris
4:10 PM Eastern Standard Time (you can see the date right above this comment) ;) ^
263:11 XM June 48th, Lacus Timoris
271:875 XM June 48th, Lacus Timoris
June 19, 6:09 PM EST
20th june 2018, 14:07 Sydney Australia
June 19, 2018 22:14 MDR (Did anyone else think "It's quarter to nine, time to have a bath! What do you mean? We're already clean! Scrub scrub scrub till the water is BROWN?")
8:17 PM, 20/06/2018, Perth, Australia
8:13 PM, 6/20/18, some hidden mini city in Phoenix, Arizona, USA
4:24  PM 2nd  June NSW Australia
8:29 PM (20:29), 2/7/18, Melbourne (Australia)
10:31 PM (GMT+8), Singapore
7:43 AM, July 2nd, Somewhere in Orange County, California 
6:23 AM, July 3rd, EST, North America, The Universe
8:48am, July 3rd, I think Chattanooga, TN
July 3, 11:42 AM EST, North Carolina, USAAAAAAAAAA! :D

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