CueBase VS FL Studio

Jun 13, 2018

I was thinking about getting 'FL Studio' for a while... But then someone recommended for me to get 'CueBase'. And it's basically, from my opinion, better in every way! XD 

It would be fun if a bunch of you guys looked them both up, and we could have some discussions about them and are opinions on them! (Also feel free to recommend other software of the same type so we could expand our world a bit!)

And don't forget to have lots of ferocious arguments! XD


I tried FL studio for a bit, but it was very confusing and complex and the layout was weird so I soon got rid of it. Cuebase looks like the same thing to me.
@Okely dokely
 CueBase has a option for using sheet music input. Same way you do on musecore. So if thats confusing idk why u r here. :P
 I haven't tried Cuebase, I just assumed it was confusing after the 3 seconds I spent looking at it on Google Images.
(although I DO wish I had FL Studio in addition)
 LOL! At first I thought you said Mindcraft, and I was like what a dork... But then I saw yo said mix craft.... And i was like what a nerd! :D
Yeah, I've really only ever used Mixcraft (versions 6, 7, and 8). It's not a very well-known DAW, though. It was just the first one I found :P

ooooh mixcraft.
That DAW that doesn't support EWQLSO VST...................................
 I don't know that VST....... :P
 Actually it does. You just need to bridge it with jbridge, EW Hollywood Orchestra and EWQL SO Diamond working perfectly here.
Recommending Cubase. Working since 2012 professionally with it. I love it. I recommend you getting the Elements Version of it. Best for Orchestration and EDM, because of the integrated Music Theory Tools and Chord Voicing Systems.
 I'll have to look into that works good enough for me. Its super easy, and its also hard to beat a price tag of $0.00! try Virtual Piano today!!

*paid advertisement 
 Well, what's stopping you! It's free, and one of the best free DAWs out there.

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