Do any of you listen to your old compositions?

Jul 12, 2018

Or, anything you've made musically. That's basically all I've done for a year or so. I just go into musescore, maybe try to write something, then listen to all of my pieces I've made. I almost never change anything, I just listen the the ones I like.

I only ask because I just found my Zelda arrangements that got purged from the site and it made me pretty nostalgic, since I really liked them. Anybody else do the same? 


Well I’ve posted only one composition so I guess that would be a yes from me.
Yeah, I listen to my old stuff when I’m bored. Like, there’s this one piece that I really love, but I never posted it because the marimba part accidentally ended up sounding very similar to the “Halloween” theme. I always really like that piece because it’s the first time I actually got the percussion right and it also had a story.
I would, but my computer crashed and I lost 97% of my work D:
(a lot of it is on a missing flash drive somewhere, though, so if I ever find it, i'll have most of my work back)
Yes I do. It is rather interesting seeing the progress I made in two years...........
All of my oldest compositions are synth and Marching Band drums because I thought all the other drumsets were crud then. xD Now I realise the marching band drums are terrible
whenever a certain time of year comes, I get the feeling of the air in my brain and I'm drawn to older pieces I did around that same time of year lol ;P
and also just to see where I came from, and I listen to ones that I'd love to pickup again someday :D
@Robin M. Butler 
You know, what you describe is exactly what happens to me!! =D
@Robin M. Butler 
….and then I get mad because my style has changed so many times over the years. I mean, why can't I stay consistent?
@Robin M. Butler Same! I feel like my style has barely changed, though, except I have become more serious. And I just started listening to TSFH the other day...whoops 😬
I think my style has changed a went from pretty much all rainbows and unicorns to...slightly more intense, I guess :P

And I started listening to tsfh in December...they're awesome :DDDDDD
@Rebecca Y Yes, I noticed that, too! You are getting SO good at writing emotional music :D

I absolutely love them! They’re probably going to influence the rest of the music I compose no matter how much I try to not let it happen 😆
Lol thank you!! :D
I like my current style a lot better than my old style as well. I listen to a lot of epic/emotional stuff on youtube, and I found a lot of them to be kinda boring (save for tsfh :P). I liked their feel though - I just thought they needed more rhythmic activity and variation and stuff. But what I wanted was pretty rare cause almost all the "epic emotional music" on youtube was just vi-IV-I-V over and over and OVER........I really liked the piano stuff as well but a lot of it was too minimalistic/ I figured I'd make my compositions into what I wanted to hear but couldn't find....and......yeah :P
Still working on it....but I hope I'll get there :)
haha my style has basically stayed the same, just I've experimented with a lot of different genres :D
@Robin M. Butler Really? I’ve noticed a big difference in the pieces you upload! You’ve seemed to be writing in a more classical manner than before.
True, true ;P
it's still kinda in my own style, but different genres if that makes any sense lol xD
Yes, I do...
It seems like I'm always only satisfied with my latest few pieces though.........

And idk why but I kinda like listening to my own music...idk...cause I'm pretty sure if the exact music was written by someone else I might not like it as much :P

And my pieces are CATCHY. They get stuck in my head ALL. THE. TIME. Maybe it's cause I know them inside and out, but they pop into my head and don't go away............
@Rebecca Y Lol, I’m kind of the opposite. I’m more satisfied with my older pieces even though they don’t have a good soundfont xD They had more structure. Now my newest pieces are experimental.

Shine Through gets stuck in my head a lot now...thank you, Rebecca! xD
I listen to my old pieces all the time. I have a bunch of arrangements and piano compositions from month (or even up to a year) ago that I never really finished, because I got bored or had no clue where I wanted to go. So I look through them and listen to them all once every few weeks, to see if I have any ideas on how to finally finish them.... -_- I'll listen to old pieces that I've published, too, which usually means cringing throughout the entire piece, then going back to revise formatting and fix up harmonies and stuff. :P
I listen to my pieces and think they sound good, then I go listen to other people's music and realize my music is really not great at all. :P
Haha, I know the feeling. I think that's why I haven't written anything in so long. I hold myself to such a high standard, when I have literally no hope of reaching that standard on the first run. I'm trying to get over it.

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