Groups are not showing up in the dashboard

Jul 12, 2018

I know someone have already posted this problem on Improving Musescore, but I am posting this here to see if this is a common problem.


And I think this problem is seriously affecting my views. Viewership dropped by 80% compared to the day before. Have you guys faced the same plummet in viewership too?
Yeah, I can't see my groups on my dash. The problem is, now if you upload a score to a group, no one sees that. So, putting a score in a group is pretty useless right now. On my dash, I can only see the scores of people I am following (it shows when they upload something). 
I literally was looking at this group to see if anything was actually going on, or if no one was active.
I think the Musescore devs have been going mad in the last few days.

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Only members of a group can post to group discussions, so Join Groups are not showing up in the dashboard