What's your IQ? (just for fun)

Jul 12, 2018

I saw that VGA posted something called "what is you MBTI type". It just made me wonder, what is your IQ? Mine is 147.

P.S.: Don't take your IQ score too seriously, cause I don't XD!!


Well, take the test (I posted the link above).
But do not take the score seriously, please!!
I’m too scared to take the test xD
Don't worry!! Those tests are just, well, an approximation let's say. They are not really extensive enough to accurately judge someone's complete intellectual capacities.
@Kempsey365 Okay. I’ve taken an IQ test before and got below average xD I’ll try again later.

(Thanks for the follow! :D)
XD!! You deserve the follow!!
apparently, according to this test, my IQ is 152......

If I were to take an estimate I'd say it was more around 120.
WOW!! 152 is very high!! Why would you say it is more around 120?
Cause I don't think that's possible...
Also I've taken other IQ tests in the past...I didn't get 152 for all of them (my scores ranged from 112-160, which is the range from slightly above average to Einstein..hmmmmmmm :P). It's an internet test after all, so you can't really trust it...
We studied something similar in psychology.
These IQ tests are Americanized - they don't take into account the environments people live in, or the demands of their cultures/jobs. Or other factors like aging (as mentioned in the article).
@Rebecca Y 
Exactly. These tests are completely biased and inaccurate judges of intellect. I mean, the human mind is TOO complex and there is too much that goes into how someone thinks to measure it with a single silly number.
These tests are actually just not accurate. I always get 140+. I believe I read somewhere that many of these free tests are just an easy way of getting people to view their site and ads and then they give you a high score so that you feel good about yourself and share it with friends
It could be accurate for some people, inaccurate for others. However, I tend to agree with you.
I got 127 on the last one I took. I usually get somewhere between 120-140, so I would say that this was accurate.
These tests are very inaccurate. On this test I scored 147. On another I scored 160+.
I got a 148 initially...then I went back and put in all the right answers again just to see what the score would be and I got 197...pretty sure that score isn't even physically possible...so yeah Imma say it isn't accurate. xD
HAHAHA!! These tests are comical!! When I put in all the right answers, I got 160!!!
Actually, Edgar Allen Poe had an IQ of 220, and a man named William James Sidis supposedly had an IQ of 300. However, never believe everything you read on the internet XD!!!
I put all of them in and got 168,

Realizing that apparently missing two questions out of 20 dropped my IQ almost thirty points?!?!?!?!? xD
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh boy!!!

I only missed one question the first time and I got a 148??? Which I guess dropped my score by...what, almost 50 points? xD wow this test is so screwy...
@Kempsey365 I don't need a point. I just said a fact.
I just went and got every single question wrong.............I got a score of 74... :P
@Rebecca Y 
That doesn't make any sense. These tests are ridiculous.
I have got 152, but I think this test is somewhat flawed. There are 9 types of human intelligence, (If I am correct, these 9 should be naturalist, linguistic, interpersonal, logical-mathematical, existential, musical and bodily-kinesthetic. I think most IQ tests can only test ones' logical-mathematical intelligence. So some people with high intelligence in ways other than logic and Mathematics may score low on IQ tests despite their high intelligence. Moreover, some questions in IQ tests are testing people's knowledge, which can be learnt and is independent with people's raw intelligence. Therefore, I think these tests are fun to take, but not very reliable. :p
Apparently I have an IQ of 143, but it seems everyone here is getting 140+ so I doubt it. 
@Okely dokely 
Yup!! I took an IQ test on another site and scored 160+. On another I scored 128. And on another I scored 133. Go figure :P
First time i got 139

But IQ tests are completely unreliable.
And this test only has 20 questions..........
I agree. Totally biased and unreliable. 
My IQ that I got from a formal test was 116. - 1 point above the normal range.

I do think though that these tests are fundamentally flawed like everyone else says. 
they should be eradicated. 
Destroyed, eradicated, then obliviated!! XD
Rather not waste my time lol
I agree XD.
Okay so I just took this one that you provided us and got 149 soooo um yeah. I took the first result on google for the last iq test (https://www.123test.com/iq-test/) and got 122-138 which seems accurate, so you should probably try this one
I took that test and scored 147-160+.
I got 132 but I bet my iq is below average lmao
Pretty good!!
@Okely dokely 
I have a meme for every occasion

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