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Jul 12, 2018

For those of you who are pro users, what all are you able to do with pro? Musescore is very vague like “more statistics” and “grow as a musician”.


Here's what I've noticed so far (I'm doing the 1 month free trial of pro right now):
-Stats broken down by piece: # downloads, # views, #plays, #favorites, etc.
-Ability to upload >1/day to YouTube
-Unlimited scores uploaded, obviously
-Ability to spotlight scores
-Ability to create >2 groups

There are probably other things that I'm missing....
@Alice Minguez Pro users can also use the mixer on the website for anybody's score.
Stats are more detailed. You click on them, they tell you how many views, favorites, downloads, comments you get and tracks them just like it does views for non-pro users. Obviously you can post unlimited amounts of scores, you can make as many groups as you want, you can send as many scores to YouTube as you want, and you can do some cool stuff with your score sheet and others—you have the option to download the part for each instrument of an orchestration or piece separately, and you can mess around with mixers and a lot of other little things too. You can spotlight up to five of your scores and make a bunch of different sets to organize your scores (tho since I didn't use that before I got Pro, idk if that's something non-pro users can't do). Personally I think it's worth it and would recommend it if you have lots of scores to share with the world! It's only $50 a year, and I may be biased since I A) have a job and B) have grandparents I can wheedle into giving me money, but I do think it's affordable and not too bad considering how expensive things like Finale are (and they don't even have an online Network to share scores! Gasp!) And, of course, the best part of going pro? You get a little green rectangle next to your name that says pro on it!! xD which is obviously super fancy and means you're super fancy. :p

Oh wow thar comment was a lot longer than I thought im sorry! :P
Thou shalt not use thy grandparents for money!
@Okely dokely 
Of course, especially when they give money by their own freewill!
My birthday money should set me up for a year.
Man I get 50 bucks on my birthday. How much money do you get that sets you up for a year?
@Okely dokely 
50 bucks from one grandma in Scotland and a totally random amount from my other one. money sets up for my pro account which will be active in september
@Okely dokely 
don't count ur chickens B4 their hatched i'll cancel my pro account if i don't get followers.
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