Last post wins!

Sep 29, 2018

Whoever can post last will win!


@Kenobunny Cool! I'd love to learn tech stuff sometime. The closest I've gotten was plugging and un-plugging a light behind a black curtain in a drama camp for homeschoolers xD
@lizzapie Sorry.....deleted that comment because it had no context like right as you were replying to it.... ooops. Yeah, tech stuff is so much fun!! I absolutely loved learning stage set up and sound mixing and everything else. The main lighting guy said he'd be happy to teach me the software he uses as well as the actually hanging of the lights and all that. So I may end up doing that as well. :D
@Kenobunny Oh, haha! That's okay :P It's interesting that this went straight to the first page. That sounds like it would be SUPER fun to learn!
Just wanted to have a comment on the first page... ;P
Erm…...for this to work you need to specify a time frame....e.g. "The last person to post on the discussion before 11:39pm EST on October 22nd wins." (or something along those lines)
I'm the last guys. wooooo
this is a cool idea, but like keno said, you would need to set a time that the last person who comments wins. for example
the shami supreme commented last on 8:11 AM, 9/30/18.
Yeet im last again my doods
Sup Loooooooosssseeeerrrrs. I just Won! HAH HAH HA
@Kenobiingondolin2019 slurping is very polite in East asian countries.
*listens to should listen to it, too!! It's epic!*

*agrees to listen to it later.....actually watching a calculus lecture right now......25 minute proof of the chain rule in a lecture supposed to be on implicit differentiation*
Ooh okay! I need to get writing on some things due later today xD I was forced to procrastinate because of the move :'(
I'm back with a dirt cup! Yum! Dirt is delicious!
Nope! (And Liz, I hope you mean the chocolate pudding with oreos on top. :P)
Oof what if you reply to a comment? Would that count as last?

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