What's 500 meters long and only eats potatoes

Nov 26, 2018

riddle time!


Uhh... A line of Soviets waiting for meat?
You should've made riddle time the title and the actual riddle the description.
idk, but what runs all around the house yet never moves?
@Cassinator close enough, a fence is what I was looking for :P
I can sneak up on you or be right in front of you without you even knowing. But when I reveal myself, you will never be the same. What am I?
@lizzapie but betrayal is not in and of itself depression. and it ain't depressing if ur the traitor *wink wink*
@NenchohFungus42 Well, the traitor would have a feeling of guilt...that leads to depression if he doesn’t make things right afterward :P
@lizzapie not all people feel guilt the same though. and some people may not even feel any at all.
@NenchohFungus42 Well then they will feel guilty about not feeling guilty and still end up depressed
What has no hands but might knock on your door, and you better open up if it does.
@NenchohFungus42 that kid from summer school who chopped off both of his hands "for the experience" because "you told him to" even tho it was a joke

@NenchohFungus42 the knocky-handle-thingy that they used to have on old doors?
What has four wheels, a foul stench, and flies?
@Quaver Crafter
Or a septic truck? 😂 it’s gotta be one of those lol.
Really no idea. Unless it was could contain long trail of potatoes.
@Anakin Stop Panakin "my innocence just left my body. My bones have liquified. I am nothing but a helpless pile of flesh."
-the baby that shot out of the cannon
I feel horrible for saying that
Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?
Because he was dead
A farmer must take a wolf, a couple of rabbits, and a bundle of lettuce across a river. In his raft he can only take himself and one of the three objects. Without his supervision, the wolf will eat the rabbits and the rabbits will eat the lettuce. How can he safely get all three items across?
@Quaver Crafter I know the answer, but not gonna say it so I don't ruin it for anyone else. Just gonna say I spent 5 hours thinking of an answer.

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