Does anybody have a cure...

Dec 6, 2018

for not having anything to say on here when im like the most social active and extroverted (secretly introverted shhhh). I just dont have anything to say. I want to talk to you all but again, i dont know what to say!!! HelP!!! WhaT IS WRoNG wiTh Me!!! WhY Am I LiKe tHis! ;-;


I guess it's me being 13 and all...idk. Maybe its because i like spending way too much time transcribing and not talking cause i dont want my precious time (that i have all day for) to leave me
Maybe talking to someone in real life would help, or calling someone on the phone? I’m very introverted, though, so I don’t understand what extroverts go through too much xD But, that might help you get tired of real life socialization and want to talk on MuseScore. Being social in real life is better than being on a phone, however :P
@lizzapie Well, I just don't have anything to say...I mean, I have things to say, LOTS OF THINGS, but it never fits the subject. I guess I can try your advice and see where that takes me. :)
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