What were you doing right before you got on musescore just now?

Dec 29, 2018

As weird as it sounds, I’m stirring onions in a pan with one hand, and typing this discussion in the other.


Playing super meat-boy because i got if for free.
Cool! What were you playing on it?
Nothing wrong with an easy song.
Have you seen my account? It’s loaded with easy songs lol.
thats a man i respect right there
@drsooz Wait, do you mean me? Or... (don’t know how to write his username) the guy that practiced his bass? 😂😂😂
@Jaybird1 i meant the guy stirring onions in the pan, but practicing bass is pretty awesome too
Oh haha. Well thanks. Problem is, our whole house smells like an onion now... which is not good. 😂
@Jaybird1 Just do a copy and paste.
@NenchohFungus42 Cool! Nice choice of words btw. Very fancy. ;)
@Jaybird1 It's not really my choice of words, it is what my church calls it (it is a Ukranian Catholic Church)
@NenchohFungus42 Cool! It’s still a cool word in my opinion. I just like saying it... Vespers...
@Jaybird1 I think a Vesper is a gun as well, well the more you know I guess!
@NenchohFungus42 Cool! So far we know it has two meanings. Maybe there’s more? The adventure of Vesper continues...
Actually that sounded like a movie!
-The Adventures of Vesper!-
@NenchohFungus42 Lol we should make a movie about it lol! (Even though we don’t know what it would be about lol!
@NenchohFungus42 I’d totally watch it! I love Sci-fi thrillers!
@NenchohFungus42 Tom Cruise: War Of The Worlds. I like old Sci-fi movies too. Such as The Day the Earth Stood Still, Them, etc.
@NenchohFungus42 Just to add this in . . . I'm pretty that "vesper" is from the Latin word for evening.
That is where the Church gets the word from, Vespers is an evening prayer service.
@Half Step
That’s usually my answer lol.
@NenchohFungus42 Lol, I love our similarities. 😂😂😂 I feel like we’re siblings haha. 😂
@Jaybird1 That's cool! i like to follow the traditional Hobbit meal plan which consists of Two breakfasts, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.
@NenchohFungus42 ...and like 7 snacks (at least) in between! 😂
@Jaybird1 yeah, basically eating all the time! it works for me as i stay underweight no matter what i eat
@NenchohFungus42 So many people would kill to be able to do that haha! 😂
@Jaybird1 So I've been told. *Slowly backs away and then runs like the fast skinny sprinter I am*
@NenchohFungus42 Lol, don’t worry I won’t kill you. ;) My weight is good. Trying to keep it that way. 😂😂😂
watching x files at 2 in the morning...
Mixed berry? Sounds like trash! You should get some grapefruit juice, the stuff not from concentrate, then put a swirl of tequila in there. Boy let me tell ya, that'll put some hair on your chest!

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