If there was really a 1/536870912 count note, what would you call it?

Jan 11, 2019

Taking that 1/2 count is a quaver, 1/4 is a semiquaver, 1/8 is a demisemiquaver, 1/16 is a hemidemisemiquaver, and so on.
Let me know what you think and use your creativity to name it. No correct or wrong answer for this, any answer would be accepted.
NEW RULE: The name that you create must not exceed two words or 15 alphabets, whichever is lower.


its 2 to the 28th power so it would be called
@SSS5 You missed an h. You wrote that it's a
hemidemisemihemidemisemihemidemisemihemidemisemihemidemisemihemidemisemihemidemisemiemidemisemihemiquaver, but it's actually a hemidemisemihemidemisemihemidemisemihemidemisemihemidemisemihemidemisemihemidemisemhiemidemisemihemiquaver
@Mr. Mister. Nice job! Hope the spelling is correct... You added an extra i. (You wrote...... hiemidimisemiquaver)
It’s okiee, everyone makes mistakes
I'd reform the concept of note durations, or at least add an additional way to name them.
Since the log base 2 of 1/536870912 is -29, I'd call a grouping of them "4 notes ex ordine -29," or 4 notes eo-29.
A quarter note would be a note eo-2, a half note would be a note eo-1, an eighth note would be a note eo-3.
don't talk about tuplets; I don't want to spend 25 minutes figuring out the logarithmic voodoo I need to do to come up with scientific duration notation for that shit
PS: A quaver is an eighth note, not a half note.
@ZackTheWaffleMan l meant a quaver timing is half count.
@ZackTheWaffleMan Anyway, where did you get that interesting theory about using eo?
@Bearsim I came up with it on the spot. "Ex ordine" is latin for "of order," and I was thinking about orders of magnitude.
Can anyone even hear that short of a note?
I live in the USA so I would call it a five hundred thirty-six million eight hundred seventy thousand nine hundred twelfth note. AKA a 1/536870912 note.
@ShioRamen I'm pretty sure it would be a 2147483648th note, as Bearsim said that this note was 1/536870912 of a quarter note.
@ZackTheWaffleMan Ohh I see. Then in that case a two billion one hundred forty-seven million four hundred eighty-three thousand six hundred forty-eighth note.
The nonexistent possibly used for earrape note
@Half Step Possible. This is just for fun.
the "no thank you I won't play it because you probably can't hear it even unless you are at a veeeeeerrrrryyy slow tempo" note
A quarter note or a crotchet has one count. Since I am not from USA, I am more familar with terms like quaver, crotchet, minim and semibreve, as well as their counts.
@EthanHarris@2018 No choice, I can only try to learn, then it will be possible.

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