What Is your favorite sport?

Jan 12, 2019

I am a runner


Ooh I do cross country
But my favorite is soccer
I'm a runner, too, but my favorite sport is tennis.
I would say dance, or basketball, although I suck at both
I am such an athletic person! ... in my head!
I like land hockey! If that's not considered a "real sport" I would say soccer.
That is totally a sport! So is knee hockey! Me and my brother played it all the time when we were little! 😂
@lizzapie My mom played field hockey in high school.
@Quaver Crafter Well, land hockey is actually different from field hockey. It is a lot like real hockey but with a ball instead xD
Bleagh...I'm not a sportsball person lol :p I used to swim a lot competitively, though! Now I just do it for fun.
When I was like five or six though, I really wanted to be an American football player when I grew up though, and thanks to muscle memory I can still throw a football with wicked aim and spiral. Talk about a useless skill. xD

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