What’s the last song you heard, before getting on Musescore?

Jan 12, 2019

Mine was Connection by OneRepublic.


I can't remember which song exactly, but I was listening to the cast recording of In Transit - an a cappella Broadway show :3
Tick, Tick... (Ft. MF Grimm) by MF Doom, it's genuinely one of the funkiest backing tracks I've ever heard in rap and the fact they can flow (as in rap flow) over it's constant fluid tempo changes is insane.
Furtwangler Symphony no. 2. In fact im still currently listening to it while im writing this comment lol
It was a Panic! at the Disco song, although I don't remember which song.
idk if listening to what i play counts, if not then it was "Happiness does not wait" by Olafur Arnalds.
The last song that I listened to on my phone was Crab Rave. However, I've played a timpani solo since then. Does that count?
Nothing else matters arranged by apocalyptica b/c we played it at cellobration.
Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer
There was actually this weird time when all of a sudden the song "High Hopes" started blasting out from my school's speakers.
My parents decided to play the Mary Poppins soundtrack loudly, when I was reading.
1 hour of canon in d studying for a 87 vocab final

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