Handbells >:3

Mar 20, 2019

I've been on a big handbell kick lately (lmao when am I not tho let's be real).

What should I arrange for handbells? Any songs (sacred, secular, pop, classical, musical theatre, whatever) that you think would sound cool arranged for handbells? :p

I'm thinking it'd be fun to maybe try a musical theatre or Disney melody of some sort. It would also be pretty fun to try maybe arranging a medley of commonly-heard classical songs for handbells - you know, like the ones that are in everything, but that nobody outside of music circles actually knows the name for? Stuff like Fuer Elise, Hallelujah Chorus, etc. I haven't been listening to much pop music lately, but if you have any suggestions of pop songs to arrange, I'm down for that, too!

I dunno. Just...throw suggestions at me or whatever xD


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