What are the top 5 active members in RSA that you would love to meet, and what are the reasons?

โ€ข Aug 7, 2019

Honestly, I would love to meet all of you, but as for the top 5, it would be:

@Jaybird1 Because he has been a great, non-judgmental friend, and is the one who I always ask about things that I'm not sure about, like making this discussion. :D
Legendian. Because he's a former (inactive) user, I can't count him in my top 5 active members, but I would like to meet him (and I had to list him). He was great friend as well and almost always liked my comments. :D

@โ™ฉโ™ซ๐“‚๐“ƒ๐“‚๐“Œ๐‘’๐“‡๐“‰โ™ซโ™ฉ Because I really like some of his music, and he seems like a good Christian.
@~Lizzapie~ Because she is really nice, and I really like some of her songs (God's Grace is one of them).
@Aqueous Humourati Because he was one of the first ones to join my first group, and is interested in photography.
@-Super-Goron- Because he is fast becoming a great friend, and has to be the funniest user. --N/A :D

If I was doing the top 10, Phia_Jo and FL-Music would be in there, but they aren't here anymore either, so, yeah.ย