Trivia Quiz, now with 15 questions!

Sep 13, 2019

You know the drill let’s do this
5/15 = free follow
10/15 = free shoutout in my next piano arrangement
15/15 = free personalized piece of music composed by yours truly 

1: Favorite color 
2: Favorite genre of music 
3: Which country do I live in
4: My age
5: My primary instrument
6: Another instrument I play
7: Favorite sport
8: Favorite classical composer
9: Favorite jazz composer
10: When I joined RSA (answer should be month/year format)
11: Favorite key (lil’ hint that it’s minor)
12: Why I started musescore
13: My height (answer should be in centimeters)
14: Favorite number (lil’ hint it’s not an integer)
15: My middle name