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30 days ago

What are you like as a person?

Well, I'm a diamond. A person with many facets.

I'm normally a really nice and quirky person. If I'm feeling generous or loving, I won't mind giving out goods to ya. My brain often over-fires itself, and I think too fast sometimes. And I just might occasionally tell you what you are feeling and why you feel like that. I also beat myself up a lot because of my own expectations, and I can be really hard-headed at times. Nine times out of ten, a long hug will fix most of my sadness issues. I think it will, nobody's ever hugged me like that before. But I will weird you out in a few minutes if you actually find me.

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4 hours ago

String orchestral composition

I have gotten over one big roadblock and started composing something for string orchestra. I know a bit about how they're supposed to sound as i play in one, BUT
Is there any overall tips that I should know? Any tips at all? I'll take anything.

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4 hours ago

Does anyone else hate sentence counting?

Whenever a teacher specifies a minimum number of sentences something must be or tells me how many sentences make a paragraph I secretly groan to myself (not letting it be heard by the one who needs it most) because I can not right beautiful sentences such as these; No man or woman said to James Madison, "The preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America has too few words to be a paragraph", because they all accepted the concept that a paragraph may be one sentence if desired, but I do understand that other measurements of a paper's length are little better: when by word I use minuscule words in unreasonably large quantities, when by page count I write too large, character count is an unreasonable amount of counting for noon-digital assignments and even on a computer it causes use of excessive amount and length of words; in truth there is no fair way to gauge a paper's length as all students will adapt writing behaviors to suit the measurement and so this practice ought to be discontinued so students can write as they please.

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What do you look like?

I have lightish brown hair, that’s short on the sides, long in the middle. It’s not like a mohawk, it’s taken more to the side, and it’s not wild, but more neat. I have dark brown eyes, glasses (more of that rectangular-square style), I’m just shy of 5’10. Uhhhh what else... I’m trim... I currently have braces.
I think that describes me.

Clothing... if it’s casual, my shoes are always Vans. I’m always wearing jeans (more slim fit) cuffed, and I usually wear a T-Shirt or a button up. Usually it’s like a Rock & Republic type T-Shirt, but I also wear long sleeved more stylish shirts and nice button up shirts. My style is super casual, I like, never wear stuff with logos. I like matching my outfits and making sure stuff blends well.
Sometimes, people think it’s weird that I’m a guy that’s really into style and looking nice. But hey, just because I blow dry my hair doesn’t mean I’m weird. 😂 So, yeah! I think that describes how I look. What about you?

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11 hours ago

LEAST favorite composer?

I figured since everybody always asks about your FAVORITE composer, I mine as well just ask about your LEAST favorite composer and why. You don't have to justify with facts. It is perfectly fine to say s/he is your least favorite just because you don't like the sound. :P

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7 days ago

Piano teachers?

Hey all! So, I’m not a teacher YET. But I really want to be one. But where do you even start when teaching younger kids piano? Sight reading? Cords? Showing them the notes on the piano? Do things that get them really interested in it first? What do you do? 😅 I’m open to any advice that anybody has even if it doesn’t really answer this question.

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12 hours ago

Arrangement time

This is a serious thing I want to do so hopefully it isn't taken down for spam. Does anyone want me to arrange or want to collab arrange any pieces with me? I can do most ensembles and many solos too.

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5 hours ago

*IMPORTANT* Any songs that you requested for me to arrange, please put them here.

I'm making a list so I don't forget and for more order, this will also help me make a schedule. (New songs are welcome) These songs aren't going to come out in the order that they are in, for anyone who is wondering. Also, these are all possibilities depending if I can make them. If they aren't possible I will tell you.

- Secret Agent Butters (band) {requested by Mr. Mister.}

- The Great Cave Escape [Kirby] (piano) {requested by IncognitoAnimal}

- Sleepy Hollow soundtrack (piano) {requested by brickboy2x2}

- Darkest Hour soundtrack (piano) "Prelude" "Where Is Winston?" "A Telegram From the Palace" "One of Them" "Winston and George" "The War Rooms" "Just Before The Dawn" "District Line, East, One Stop" "We Shall Fight" {requested by Pianodudette}

- Gotham's Reckoning [The Dark Knight Rises] (piano) {requested by ♬𝔅𝔬𝔭𝔭𝔩𝔢♬}

- Chrono Trigger soundtrack (piano) {requested by VGA}

- Reign of Septims [TES IV: Oblivion] (piano) {requested by ZackTheWaffleMan}

-  Rhuzerv [Deemo] (piano) {requested by Astronix2}

-  Konga Conga Kappa [Crypt of the Necrodancer] (piano) {requested by grimnightsweeper} https://musescore.com/user/29266293/scores/5447012

-  Kitchen Sink, twenty one pilots albums [twenty one pilots] (alto saxophone) {requested by Lacy Watson}

-  Across the Stars (Love Theme) [Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones] (oboe) {requested by  Joseph.C.Thaggard} https://musescore.com/user/29266293/scores/5441060

- Careless Whisper [George Michael] (oboe) {requested by Joseph.C.Thaggard} https://musescore.com/user/29266293/scores/5444856

- A nice and spicy Marvel mashup [Various artists] (piano) {requested by Fresh Bread}

- ((this is a surprise for Fia)) [Christian Waegerle] (piano) {requested by lareindeslapins}

- The Thing soundtrack [Ennio Morricone] (piano or small orchestra) {requested by Aɱσƚҽƙυɳ}

-  A Shadow To Prevail [Crypt of the Necrodancer] (piano) {requested by CorruptedPsychocat}

-  Blood Dragon Theme [Farcry 3: Blood Dragon] (piano) {requested by Black Neon}

- Benny Hill theme (piano) {requested by romain gandillet}
- Mombassa [Inception] (piano) {requested by ♬𝔅𝔬𝔭𝔭𝔩𝔢♬}

- Legends Never Die [League Of Legends] (piano) {requested by Vash Hartman}

- The Lunar Whale [Danimal Cannon & Zef] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Corrupted [Danimal Cannon & Zef] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Safe And Sound [Nitro Fun] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983} 

- Final Boss [Nitro Fun] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Wicked [Avenza] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Paper Dolls [Shawn Daley] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Close To Me [Sabrepulse] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Milky Ways [Bossfight] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Hype [Tokyo Machine] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Cool Friends [Silva Hounds] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

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11 days ago

another word game!

this one is simple. i write a word (preferably 4 or 5 letters) and the next person changes one letter of the word to make a new one. (ex. slit, skit) You can only change one letter, and no one can make the same word twice. Whenever no one can think of a new word, the person who posted the last comment wins!

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6 months ago

So, I randomly screwed around and...

Did the following in the last two years:

1. Completely reversed Chunks of music and their inversion, as well as overlapping them (Is more an extreme form of something old than really new and isn't THAT useful LOL)
See: "Threnody for Synthesizer Voices"

2. Mixing the Locrian(M6) scale from Harmonic minor and descending Pentatonic scale out of the missing 5 notes to make an half-atonal scale 
(or whatever)...
See: "Natura"

3. Creating a new Mode of Scales, which I call Augmented Mode and which breaks the octave, is consisting of a maximum of 7-8 (1 & 4 = 7), (2 & 3 = 8) different notes and is half-chromatic in nature, because of which no full seventh chord can be build with the notes in the scale (at least not in the 1st & 4th, haven't tried with the other 2 yet) 

Mode Formula in note to note steps:
1.: 1 - 2 - b3 - #4 - 2 - b3 -#4 - 2
2.: 1 - b3 - #4 - 2 - b3 - #4 - 2 - b3
3.: 1 - #4 - 2 - b3 - #4 - 2 -b3 - #4
(4.: 1 - 2 - b3 - #4 - 2 -b3 - #4 - 2) 
See: "March of the lonely soldier"

Do you think I should write a book about technique and theory in the future?

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21 hours ago

Food Alphabet

The challenge is to name foods going down the alphabet. For example, someone would say "Apricot" and the next person would say "Banana" and then "Calamari" And so on. Once we get to Z, we start over. No foods can be used twice. Any food works. As long as it's considered a food by most people.  

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6 days ago

Do you ever wonder what other people think of you?

In my daily life, I see myself as a misfit. Sometimes, I wish I could read someone else's mind, and see if they see me as an amicable person. To know that one person that I see daily would actually want to be my friend would be the best thing I could ever ask for. Do you ever wonder what people think of you?

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4 days ago