Question for arrangers

I want to start arranging some of the music I like, but I have no clue how difficult it would be. Could you rate these songs which I'm planning on trying from easiest to hardest? Thanks.

Gravity Rush - Pleasure Corner
Rabi Ribi - Mischievous Masquerade
Miracle Musical - Murders
Murdoch Mysteries - Opening Theme
Tally Hall - All of My Friends

16 days ago

O karma hurts

Acoustic Renegade passed me

I'm going to beat you guys like Pewdiepie beating T-Series

Because that's the big fight right now

17 days ago

how do people write music so quickly?????

I admittedly know very little music theory and what I do know (other than common knowledge) is self taught so maybe that's the reason I write slower than others, but some people can really post a whole sonata and be like " I wrote this in 4 seconds lol it's kinda bad feedback welcome". Still, I can't wrap my head around it at all. It takes me HOURS just to figure out more than one melody or countermelodyHHHHH
P. S. Before I get asked, I'm new to but not terribly to the composition rodeo; I've gotten at least halfway through and/or finished 7 pieces (Again idk if that even counts as a lot. There's a lot of stuff I don't know. I just can't wait till I take AP Music Theory next year tbh).

19 days ago

Can someone please explain what Roman Catholicism is really like?

     Groups like Marvel Comics and BIll Nye seem to try to make it a point that 90% of all Christians are Catholic... but I don't know anything about them other than the stereotypical "Crossing of the heart" and the huge respect of Mary.  Maybe someone could elaborate on what it's really like?                   -Fox

17 days ago

What do you look like right now????

you don't have to put a pic and you don't have to say anything at all if you don't want to, but how would you describe the way you look and your clothing at the moment?

I have long brown hair that is kinda messy 'cause I forgot to brush it this morning.
My eyes are also brown, but more hazel-y. I'm not wearing any makeup since I'm at home so my face looks like a zombie's. =P
I'm pretty tall, 5'5. 
Right now I am wearing bootcut jeans with weird rhinestone thingy's on the pockets, and a turquoise shirt with sleeves that go to my elbows that says 'Beach Patrol, Manhattan Beach California' on it, with a medical cross in the center... (no i don't live in CA).
I'm not wearing shoes, but by some miracle I'm wearing matching socks, that are grey and blue...
well that sums me up at the moment.

18 days ago

super rough time

overwhelmed and having a mental breakdown right now
please private message if you're willing to talk 

22 days ago


Does anyone know how I can learn jazz?
Thomas BU deleted his account so I decided to lead the group Jazz Genius only... I don't know jazz. Does any one know where i can learn it so that I can teach the many people on that group who don't know jazz as well?

19 days ago

just a word of thanks

thank you guys all so much for being so supportive. this community is so amazing. i interact with more people on here than i do in real life. it's really amazing to me how we can all come together and support each other. i really love this community and i am so lucky and glad to be a part of it and i just wanted to say thank you for all the messages i got from my last discussion

have a good night :)

19 days ago

Self taught vocalists??

Are there any self taught vocalists in this group? If so, I made a group for you! I have been trying to teach myself how to sing. 😅 easier said than done I have found. But I wanted to make this group so that we can help each other grow faster with tips or advice that someone else would have wished they had known while they were learning something. Hope you join! :)


19 days ago

How do ya'll pace your work schedule when tackling large projects?

So, i'm currently working on finishing the last piece in my "Photographs" Suite and an orchestration for another piece in the set. They're both pretty big projects, especially the orchestration, and I've found it best for me to work in 2 to 3 hour chunks throughout the day to get the most done. That brought me to this question, so, how do you manage large projects?

18 days ago


found this band recently because of my aunt.  i can't find a thing wrong with any of their songs.  they just seem perfect.

18 days ago