Hey guys, have any of you done your ARCT yet?
I'm working on mine right now.
How long did it take and how was the exam? How hard do they mark (because I'm pretty prone to accidents though most of them have been forgiven)

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Hey guys (again) !!!!

Hey guys, I'm just curious: what instrument(s) do you play and what level are you?
I play piano and clarinet
For piano I'm working on my ARCT, and I've never had a clarinet lesson (I'm self-taught and I've only played stuff from high school band, so I'm not actually doing RCM clarinet)

a year ago

Favourite list?

So you probably all know that the pieces in your books are divided into "lists", with selections in each list being from different style periods. So which one do you like the most? And what's your favourite piece from the RCM that you're played so far?
List A-Baroque
List B-Classical
List C- Romantic
List D (level 8 or higher) - Post Romantic
List E (level 10 or higher) - Modern Era
List F (ARCT) - studies (these are in a separate book in level 10 and down)

I personally like List B the most. I also really like list C and most studies, but it's a lot harder to find stuff I really like in the other lists. I can play a lot of stuff from all the levels, but my favourites probably are:
-Rondo in D+ (level 10)
-Nocturne in E- (level 10)
-Study in Ab+ (level 10)
-To the Lute (level 9)
-Sonata in G+ by Beethoven (level 8)
-Sonata in A+ (level 8)
-Fur Elise (level 7)
-Sonatina in C+ (level 7)
-On the Lake (level 6)
-Dance (level 6)
-Rondo (level 5)
-Sonatina in F+ (level 4)
-Sonatina in G+ (level 4)
-Sonatina in G+ (level 3)
These pieces were probably among my favourites while I was doing the level (and I can still play them all today). I play piano btw.

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Hey guys, do you have any upcoming exams (or exams you recently did)? It's the middle of exam season right now
I've got two ARCT theory exams THIS WEEKEND. helphelphelphelphelphelp...oh well.

And for those who thought they did bad on their practical exams: For grade 10, I crashed due to a memory glitch, had a random hesitation in the middle of a piece that lasted for a full second, stumbled all the way up and down a 4 octave scale, had a piano that sounded like it had the pedal down the whole time, read the freaking wrong line for sight reading, and thought that an augmented 4th played in solid form was supposed to be one of the chords I was supposed to identify (and I was REALLY confused). I made it into ARCT. So if you made any mistakes in your exam, it's probably not a big deal at all.

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Hey guys, why don't you add some scores into this group? Or post some discussions?
It's time this group should get moving.
Also, if you know anyone that's also in RCM, then please tell me so I can invite them. Thanks!! :D

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Hey guys!!

Alrighty! My new group is ready to go! Do any of you guys wanna share any of your experiences? For one thing, in my opinion studying all the music history is torture, and piano exams are terrifying.

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horror stories

So if you're anything like me, you probably get REALLY nervous when it comes to festivals, exams, or even recitals. So there was this one time last year when I was doing my RCM Level 10 piano exam. I was playing the Prelude and Fugue in D Minor from Bach's The Well Tempered Clavier 2, and literally TWO LINES before the end of the fugue, I COMPLETELY forgot what my left hand was supposed to do and I just crashed right then and there. And the examiner was just sitting there staring at me waiting for me to do something, but my mind was COMPLETELY blank and I just sat there panicking. The examiner had to show me the music.

I passed my exam though.

So if any of you have similar horror stories (doesn't matter what instrument) to share please post them on here. It'll be good to know I'm not the only one who screws up like this. Thanks!!

Also, if you wanna read other people's horror stories, the links are below.

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People to invite

Hey guys! If you know anyone that also studies music with the RCM, could you please list them in the comments so I could invite them? Thanks! It'll be great if this group could have a few more members.

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Exams in general

Hey guys so this is just a random discussion to help get this group going. Please add your thoughts!!

1. How scary are the RCM exams anyway? Have you had any horror stories from your exams?
For grade 4 piano, I honestly didn't give a crap about it and got 88 even though I had to go to the bathroom REALLY BADLY throughout the whole thing. And for grade 6 I was slightly nervous on the exam date but it wasn't so bad (I got 81). And for grade 8 I was stressing a lot over it in the two weeks before the exam. I crashed once on the technique (my finger got stuck behind a black key and I played all the wrong notes for the rest of the thing), and nearly had a complete blankout (but I saved myself). I got 80%. And grade 10...well let's just say that I probably have more nightmares from that thing than all of you people's exams combined and it's a miracle I even made it into ARCT. So anyway, RCM exams are probably the most nerve wracking moments of my life.

2. Do you guys hate it when the examiner loudly types while you're playing?? Like during my grade 10 exam the examiner was typing was SO LOUD and I was trying so hard to concentrate

3. And if any of you guys have done your ARCT, then PLEASE give advice!! I heard that if you crash, you fail immediately with 0%, and I am EXTREMELY prone to accidents when under pressure. Like how much scarier is than grade 10?

4. And theory is just SO FREAKING ANNOYING. Especially history. And sorry to spoil this to those who aren't on ARCT history yet: you know how history 1 has more information on each composer/genre and history 2 has more genres/composers but less information on each? Well, ARCT history has about as many composers as history 2 but you have to know most of their lives

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