Fantasy in Db Major

Hi everybody,

Sorry to bother you, but I have recently finished a piece for solo piano.
It would greatly help if you could comment on something I could work on. 
Please listen to the whole thing! (you don't have to)

I have had VERY severe writer's block for 2 months, and this is a result 
of just forcing myself to work.

Thanks a bunch, Lachlan. :D

14 days ago

Favorite Romantic Composers?

Who's your favorite Romantic composer? If you don't have a favorite, who do you think writes best for piano, best for orchestra, etc.? Here are mine:

Don't have a favorite overall, but my favorite for piano is undoubtedly Chopin. For orchestra, I think Tchaikovsky takes the win there. As far as chamber music goes, I think Beethoven wins that.

3 years ago