Mashup Idea

So recently, I watched this video by Adam Neely, where he talked about mashups and how they work and stuff. At the end, he showed a mashup where he mixed about 10 pop songs and played them over the piano riff of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". I thought this was cool, and I thought it would be a great idea if we did a collab and made a mashup like this, except you just take a bunch of songs from different genres and mixed them together. What do you think?

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6 months ago

An Idea

Okay, there's this thig called It's good for collaborations, like what we are trying to achieve in this group. This group can be used for discussions on the arrangements themselves and ideas for other arrangement projects. Any thoughts?
Especially @Cl4rin3t and @Rebecca Y

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9 months ago

New group collab idea!

Hi all, 
I was recently listening to Rebecca's shine through  and I though it would be really nice if orchestrated. I didn't have the time to do it all by my self but I asked her if it was okay if we all collabed to orchestrate/arrange it and she thought it was a great idea! Tell me what you all think. (Not all of us may have experience with orchestras but those who do can help the others!) 

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11 months ago


So, this group is designed for people who want to learn more about arranging. The idea of this project is to select a song (or collection of songs) to work on together, possibly making like a soundtrack to the RSA with arrangements of our favourite songs. Have a discussion about some of your favourite tracks, see who else would be willing to take part with you and get arranging! It can be anything, for any amount of instruments etc, just work together and use each other's input. If you want to spilt up into small groups, then make individual discussions if you like. Maybe even elect a leader: it's up to you.

The best way of doing this would probably be to upload unfinished and private scores to the group, which others can then download, edit and then converse about. We want this to be a free-for-all, autonomous project where you guys make the majority of the decisions. Do it however you want! We hope you have fun with this project. If you have any issues, comment them below.

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11 months ago

ENORMOUS COLLAB (Everyone can take part in some way, without a huge commitment)

So, a while ago I posted several discussions in various groups about creating a musescore soundtrack of original compositions - one huge medley! I've got so many entries, and I was wondering if you lot could help me to compile them, figure out the instruments, order etc. You don't have to do a lot if you don't want to, but everyone can input their ideas. 

The idea is to compile, mix and re-arrange (as necessary) all the pieces that have been offered to the project, into one enormous track. We can use as many instruments as necessary (and don't worry about making it playable), as the idea is to make a purely audible track. 

Underneath, I've listed the complete list of scores that were submitted. If you guys would like to suggest any ideas regarding any aspects of the project, please do. Give the pieces a listen and write anything that comes to mind.

P.S. The finale is already done, a specific arrangement of this song by BarbossaThePianist and 1piano. If you would like me to send you that then please email me via musescore. 


Bendik Hogefeld, Raindrops :
Wrecke04, Stormy Skirmish:
Imagination Warrior, Void 3 :
Matt11111, Stuuuffff :
Ceascer Hallenkord, Anteitem's Darkness :
Skylighter, Iridescence :
Celthyan, Beyond the Skyline :
RookWizard, Departure :
kalle edh, Mission Accomplished Back to Earth :
DaKook, Neuro Star :
TheLightOI, Flow of Water :
Robin M. Butler, A Shooting Star :
lizzapie, Ethereal :
Rebecca Y, Finally Free :
Dun Ought, Afflitto Da Barbari :
Nicola Clavel-Oullette, Falling Leaves :
TheNightreader, Stormclouds :
Origamidos, Wanted.. :
Joshua A. I., TOTALITY :
timweaving, Serenade No.3 :
Kristi.Roller, adventure :
Christian Raduns, Imagination :
publishscore, Beyond Limits :
perpendicularfifths, Ghosts :
Lil Toadie, Eye of Time :
colorsofsound1, Etude in E Minor Op.7 :
Jonothan Tran, Someone Save Us :
Brendan Callies, Within Reach :
Pianocchio, The Hanging Valley :
Garret Jackson, Somal Prop :
Charles Stiles, A Rave for One :
Bobmantha, Skyline :
chopindminor, Piano suite No 1 in E Flat major :
S77JMAN, Sincerity :
thundeRbooM, Under the Pressure of a Thousand Stars :
Nobleewe, Anticipation :
Pika0007, Reaching for the Light :
TheDazer, Flip a Coin :
abigail04hanks, Dangerous Tears :
magical_spudster, Fugal Bells :
swright, Fire :
MarcelineTheVampireQueen, ODA :
Eliot Moore, Hey Look a Song :
andrewviolinoriginalworks, Our Homecoming :
MusicRebel, Hope for the Future :
Andrew Kierszenbaum, Waltz-Fantasy :
Rick Nixon, The Lonely Endeavor :
memlord_, The Other Side :
Enanthic, Ole Mississippi :

Thanks guys!

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11 months ago

Ideas for pieces to arrange

Ok, put any ideas here. Here's my list of stuff I'd like to arrange with you guys. We should pick one of these (or you could introduce new ideas). Then we can split into groups (or we could also all do one large collab)

- my heart will go on from Titanic
- Rise Up by Andra Day
- I Believe by Nikki Yanofsky
- Symphony by Clean Bandit
- I also really like a lot of Two Steps from Hell's music but as of now I have no idea how I'm supposed to pull that off :P

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11 months ago

So! Here's how this is all gonna work

Alright, so maybe we should wait a while for all the members who are interested to join before we start, but here are the basics of how this is gonna work. Cl4rin3t and I have already discussed this.

1. We need to figure out what piece we're gonna arrange (I'll create another discussion for recommendations). Like Cl4rin3t said, we could all do one piece together or split into smaller groups.

2. Now, for the actual collaborating. We're gonna make individual discussions for each different piece. One person starts off, then uploads an incomplete version as a private score to their profile page. They then add it to only this group (so only the members in here see it) and give the link in the comment section of the designated discussion.

3. When a person wants to make changes to the score, they comment that they are doing so. Once someone comments that they are editing, no one else makes any changes. This is to ensure that we don't end up with multiple incomplete versions of the same arrangement. If someone has commented that they are editing and has not commented that they're done, that means that they're still working on their edits.

4. When a person is finished editing, they upload the (private) score to their profile and add it to the group. Then, they comment under the same discussion that they're done editing and post the link of the new version of the score. Note that all this is all being done in one discussion (to avoid confusion and clutter).

5. The next person who wants to make changes will see that the person has commented that they were editing, and are now done. They can now comment that they are editing and make changes.

So I hope this is pretty clear. Just wanted to elaborate a bit more on Cl4rin3t's description in the Welcome discussion. If you have any questions, feel free to let me or Cl4rin3t know :)

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11 months ago