So! Here's how this is all gonna work

Apr 7, 2018

Alright, so maybe we should wait a while for all the members who are interested to join before we start, but here are the basics of how this is gonna work. Cl4rin3t and I have already discussed this.

1. We need to figure out what piece we're gonna arrange (I'll create another discussion for recommendations). Like Cl4rin3t said, we could all do one piece together or split into smaller groups.

2. Now, for the actual collaborating. We're gonna make individual discussions for each different piece. One person starts off, then uploads an incomplete version as a private score to their profile page. They then add it to only this group (so only the members in here see it) and give the link in the comment section of the designated discussion.

3. When a person wants to make changes to the score, they comment that they are doing so. Once someone comments that they are editing, no one else makes any changes. This is to ensure that we don't end up with multiple incomplete versions of the same arrangement. If someone has commented that they are editing and has not commented that they're done, that means that they're still working on their edits.

4. When a person is finished editing, they upload the (private) score to their profile and add it to the group. Then, they comment under the same discussion that they're done editing and post the link of the new version of the score. Note that all this is all being done in one discussion (to avoid confusion and clutter).

5. The next person who wants to make changes will see that the person has commented that they were editing, and are now done. They can now comment that they are editing and make changes.

So I hope this is pretty clear. Just wanted to elaborate a bit more on Cl4rin3t's description in the Welcome discussion. If you have any questions, feel free to let me or Cl4rin3t know :)


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