Need background music for a cool song


I have a recorded song.

(Lyrics in English, romantic style, accompanied with a guitar).

I need some impressive background music, using musescore format.

The background music could be in any suitable style, including classical music.

If you are interested to help, please contact me by Email.

 If you are interested to help, please contact me by Email.

My Email address is:

Payment is possible, depends on what we agree between us.


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24 days ago

musicians wanted

I have composed several instrumental pieces including strings, piano, and wind instruments. Except, I have no way of actually playing\recording these pieces. Is there any highschool\college band that would be interested in recording them? I would love to hear what I've written.

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7 days ago

Use of the pedal in sheets

As a beginner self-taughted and not so deeply introduced in Musescore, one of my problems is some lack of knowledge with signature. For example, i dont know which symbols and where you have to use to make reader use his/her pedals.

I would like you to explain it like if i were composing a piece in musescore if possible. My regards before you even help me people :D.

It would be also nicer if you criticise my first movement of my first Sonata and give me some examples of pedals there:

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10 days ago

Group Requirements?

I have never taken formal composition lessons, but I've tried to educate myself about composing by studying pieces and taking high school level music theory. Does this disqualify myself to post my pieces in this group?

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13 days ago

What is your best piece of advice for music composition?

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone who is new to music composition, or struggling to compose good pieces, what would you tell them? 
What advice do you wish you had been given earlier on?

I'm really curious to hear what you guys have to say.
My piece of advice is to not be afraid to venture out of the key. When I first started composing, I would stay strictly inside the key the piece was in, and only use those notes and accidentals. This is a perfectly fine thing to do, but for me it really prohibited my creativity and limited the expression in my music.

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26 days ago

introduction to east asian chord progressions (video game, anime, j/kpop etc)

Hey everyone!

I've noticed that while many people can easily lay down tutorials on the western 4 chord progression, not many sites really hone down on what makes east asian music particular in its sound. one critical aspect is their choice of chord progressions. 

I was honestly hesitant to release something like this (still am) because I'm self taught, so most of the analysis I presented here really come from how I personally understood the relationship, so I really don't know how much of what I've presented here is elementary music theory/ straight up wrong, heh. 

Nonetheless, I hope you look kindly on this, and I sincerely hope this could help out a beginner (or advanced!) musician out there who's interested in learning e.a. music.

of course, there are many other factors that contribute to e.a. music's characteristic sound, but I thought I'd focus on chord progressions for now. 

I sincerely hope this does not come off as an oversimplification of their musical styles. 

I've tried to rewrite this in musescore, but it's been a little difficult since I'm still new to it, so I thought I'd share my noteflight scores here for now until I become familiar enough with the interface.

p. 1 : IV iii vi ii V I (circle progression)

p. 2 : I vii° III vi v I7 (maj -> rel min -> maj)

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29 days ago

Feedback on my newest work-in-progress?

Hello! I'm a self-taught composer (the most teaching I've ever gotten was from showing my first piece to my strings director, and him saying "Maybe change this, this, and this") , and this is my second full piece (I've written things like character themes for friends that I don't count as full pieces) and, although I've been working on it throughout the summer, I'm still unhappy with it. I'm looking for critiques and tips on how I can improve this piece.

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a month ago

Please Critique my Symphony!

I'm in the process of writing my first symphony and I'd like some feedback on the first movement. Please bear in mind not all the parts are fleshed out yet, but most are and I think I have all the melodies that I want in there. The next 3 movement will come as soon as I can get them finished. Would really appreciate the feedback!

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a month ago

Looking for feedback on two interesting pieces I wrote

Hey guys! I’m looking for feedback on two pieces I wrote, both of which are very modern, unique, and my best pieces in my opinion. The two pieces are very different: one of them is a long piece for concert wind ensemble, and the other is a short lament written for just three strings. Anyways, I’d really appreciate any comments on these, and the links to them below. If you like what you hear, feel free to listen to or comment on my other music, as well:

Thank you! Have a great day!

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a month ago

Help on literally anything and everything!

Hey guys! I was hoping to receive comments and feedback as much as possible regarding anything and everything about a few of my original compositions. If you don't have the time, you don't need to listen to all of them - just pick some that sound interesting to you and tell me your thoughts/ideas for potential improvements if you have time (of course, if you want to listen to/comment on all of them, I'd really love that :D ). Here are the pieces, as well as brief descriptions of each and their length. Hope you enjoy!

"Into the Midst of the Sea": My piece for concert wind ensemble. It brings to life different aspects of the ocean and the emotions we feel when we experience the sea (16 minutes): 

"Piano Sonata No. 1 in D": My first piano sonata, organized into 3 movements in the key of D (my favorite key), which has a rather unique sound for a piano piece and describes feelings of nostalgia, wistfulness, and joy as time goes on and change occurs (14 minutes): 

"Spring Flowers": A piece for string quartet and piano which showcases the beauty of spring and the happiness of the season (5 minutes): 

"Returning Home": A piece for trumpet quartet that I uploaded to honor the anniversary of me starting to compose music a few years ago. It was inspired by Dvorak's "Going Home" chorale and was the first dedicated piece of music I ever composed (and still one of my favorites, because of how fun it is too play, as a trumpet player) (3.5 minutes): 

"Adventure": A piece for solo trumpet that I performed live this year at San Jose State University. It tells the story of how adventurous our lives can be, and should offer some challenge to trumpet players wanting to play it (4 minutes): 

"Max and Chloe": An arrangement for guitar ensemble of the main theme to the popular video game "Life is Strange" by DONTNOD Entertainment, which is a piece I've always loved (3.5 minutes): 

Thank you for taking the time to read this long message, and (hopefully), for listening to my music. It really means a lot to me, and I hope to hear back! Thanks!
-Ben Ledochowski

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2 months ago

Scary Music?

So I'm the composer for a video game my friend is making, but it's a horror video game, and I have had little experience in creating creepy sounding music. Do any of you have any tips or suggestions in how to make scary sound music?

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2 months ago