A short piece begging for attention

Hi folks,

I wrote a little piece recently and fell in love with it instantly.
Now I wonder if this is the right place to start, but I really have no clue.

Piece is really simple so I would love to hear somebody's feelings after actually playing this on piano. I did, and enjoyed it really much; my neighbours on the other hand (other side of the wall) — they were not prepared for such sudden noise...

So please give me some feedback — encourage me or tell me to not waste time with such exercises :)


truly your's,

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3 days ago

Do it Again - Elevation Worship

Hey guys how is everyone doing?  can someone do me a favor?  Can someone make sheet music to this please please.  
 .  And if its possible can you make it so theres only 2 notes in the left hand cuz its quit a stretch for all the notes.  So can someone please make sheet music to this song with only 2 notes in the left hand please?  I would really appreciate it.

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4 days ago

New Song: Play Time

Hi guys! I composed this little song yesterday... I would have uploaded this yesterday too but my Musescore wasn’t working :(

If you didn’t hear, if I get 20 followers I’ll get Musescore Pro and upload more songs more often.

BTW, I’m going to start learning Guitar so you might see some songs for the Guitar.

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26 days ago

I am counting on your opinion :D

Hello everyone, my name is Hubert and I am a beginner composer (as probably many a member of musescore community), I would like to ask you to rate my first two piano miniatures. I am ready for negative criticism because recently I have just started the advancement of my workshop. I am also happy to listen some  thoughts  to be able to develop further. Thank you in advance and I place the links below.

First: https://musescore.com/user/11462036/scores/5183267

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a month ago