BreakThrough (Live Violin Recording!)

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Hello Everyone! I hope you all enjoy this song! God has been dealing in me and working things out to heal me. I just thank him for all he's done. I hope this song gives you a breakthrough in your life!

So a list of vsts used:
Kontakt Factory Selection
Ample Guitar
Ample Bass

And of course, a live violin recording :D
I'm still figuring out how to get a good quality recording, so I think this was okay but still planning on improving.

Six Original Etudes for Piano

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Dedicated to Darya. Six etudes of different difficulty.
I myself have only attempted bits and pieces (pun intended) of my own work, which means that my own grading system from 1-8 should be taken with a grain of salt.
That being said, this compiles all my etudes for piano and also documents how my compositions have developed to become more sophisticated over these 2 years. I hope you enjoy listening to these!

Etude Op 21 No 3 - The Sea

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Hi everyone! This is my latest etude.
I will have a brand new studio soon, so can I record my pieces.
Very soon!
About this piece:
The time that took to compose this was not very long - however, I was getting bored gradually by repeating the same tasks over and over again. Mistakes might appear in the right hand as details.
This is an all legato etude, so the level is for advanced intermediate players. Classical modulation, nothing special.
The waves are represented by the notes' pattern as you can see pretty well. I think it symbolizes the Ocean pretty well.
I'm planning to write another orchestral piece, perhaps a symphony, or something that is not a solo.
Comment very appreciated - Any kind of feedback would be great!

Invention in E Minor

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My final project for MUS 101B. Assignment was to create a pastiche in the style on music from the 17th or 18th century. I had to analyze a piece (I chose Invention 1 by Bach), write a piece inspired by the piece, and then perform it for the class.

Western Prelude

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A short western sounding piece that takes inspiration from Gershwin's Second Prelude

Portrait in D minor "The Bard" (original)

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A little piece from a series I call 'musical portraits', I haven't had the time to really work on the other pieces in this set, but I finished this today, so I had to share it.
It depicts a medieval bard wandering the country, singing tales and playing on the lute. I tried to imitate a texture that would be similar to a lute with lots of sus chords that imitate misfreted chords and harmonies with 'open strings' in them. And the melody is quite sing songy as well, So I hope you enjoy!

Singe-, Spiel- und Generalbassübung TWV 25:39-85 No 1 - 12 (TIP)

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Oboe, Harpsichord
03/19/2019: 25% done! Enjoy 6 more pieces, now some also with comments and manuscript-excerpts.
These days I am transcribing G. P. Telemann's Singe-, Spiel- und Generalbassübung from an IMSLP-manuscript ( ). Here are the first 12 pieces, please leave some comment on notation and layout!
For a real performance, please visit .
malatia quatuore violons violon solo
Custom audio

malatia quatuore violons violon solo

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Violin(3), Guitar, Viola, Piano, Bass
If I know, I hope, the world of boogie woogie and jazz, a classic quartet for violins is new for me.I have learned a lot of thing listening you music and reading your score. and than I try this sort of composition. I have choosed a old napolitan song from Roberto Murolo to make it. I would like to know if is a good job. Please say me...

Elegie op 44 Glazunov for viola and piano

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Viola, Piano
This little masterpiece was composed 1893. It was completely new set according to the Belaieff-score from 1894.
Hear it, like it, play it, favorite and share it - and comment if anything comes up to your mind.


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Voice, Piano
my own composition
lyrics, melody and music score all my own work
song title: piano
lyrics written: 14/2/2019

please critique it as you see necessary - first time I've used musecore to actually write any music and its the first time in years I've started songwriting!

updated: 23/2/2019!