Ideas for Stupid Pieces

If anyone has ideas for stupid pieces, but doesn't have time to write them then please post your ideas here.

Here's my stupid ideas (feel free to use them !!!):

The Dairy Air ( a piece to serenade cows)
Praylude and Phoney Phugue
Contraption (as opposed to Bach's "Inventions" )
Quartet for Three Instruments

I'll add more as I think of them...

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6 years ago

Britney Spears music used against pirates

I just saw this article:

Here's the article: (without the picture of our heroine Britney)
Blasting high decibel screeches at oncoming pirates has long been a tactic to keep them from boarding, but it has recently gotten some fresh pop – like in music.

Merchant navy officer Rachel Owens said her security team has used Spears’ music six or seven times against Somali pirates while traveling by the African coast.

“‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ is a big one,” she laughed. “And ‘Oops I Did It Again.’ The reason why pop songs are very good is because they have a lot of high-pitched noises and bass notes, which are particularly painful when they’re played at ridiculously high volumes.”

The noises do not harm the crew on board, however. “It’s completely directional. You can stand next to the noise cannon and you can hear it, but it’s not painful,” Owens said. “But if you stand in front of it at a close range, it would rupture your ear drums.” Spears did not respond to a request for comment.

Most pirates don’t get the pleasure of hearing the pop princess as they try to take over a ship. Instead they get blasted by long range acoustic devises (LRAD). The equipment is complex and expensive, and was “first used on cruise ships – most noticeably the Seaborne Spirit, which was attacked off Somalia,” said Steven Jones, maritime director at the Security Association for the Maritime Industry.

“The LRAD is capable of generating sounds of up to 162dB, which is higher than the human threshold of pain (without ear defenders) which is generally regarded as around 130 dB,” said Jones. He said that the sheer sound of LRAD – or Britney Spears’ voice – is not necessarily what drives the pirates away. It is the actual warning that those aboard are aware of the pirates’ presence and are well-equipped enough to be armed.

“Rather than Britney actually making them break off their attack, it could be they are instead going to seek a softer, unprotected target, one which may not be so vigilant and protected,” Jones said.

This year, 352 global maritime security incidents have been recorded, ranging from hijackings to smash-and-grab raids on vessels, according to SAMI.

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5 years ago

Interesting State of Massachusetts Law

I found this law in the U.S. state of Massachusetts:

Section 9: National Anthem; manner of playing
Section 9. Whoever plays, sings or renders the “Star Spangled Banner” in any public place, theatre, motion picture hall, restaurant or café, or at any public entertainment, other than as a whole and separate composition or number, without embellishment or addition in the way of national or other melodies, or whoever plays, sings or renders the “Star Spangled Banner”, or any part thereof, as dance music, as an exit march or as a part of a medley of any kind, shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars.

So, if write really, really stupid arrangements of the U.S. National Anthem and have it performed in Massachusetts then it may cost us $100.

I guess that I can't post my kazoo symphony orchestra arrangement ...

But Jimi Hendrix has a quite amazing version (from Woodstock in '69)

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4 years ago

I just hit 300 followers!!!!

So, I just hit the big 300 mark! What should I do? I Was thinking of revamping/ finishing the old old old Phantom of the opera string quartet I had done a million years ago Lol So If you have a suggestion of a piece I should arrange, or an interesting idea for an original, Then feel free to share! Thanks!!!

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a year ago


I had to join this group.
Who wouldn't xD
This is the most necessary group I've seen on Musescore so far!!!
(Tibia honest...I'm pretty good at telling jokes and puns...)

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2 years ago

reddit posting about lucid dreaming and music

I saw this on reddit and thought people would find it interesting (and amusing):

Sometimes some of the postings on this Lucid Dreaming "sub-reddit" are hilarious. Especially funny are people trying to instruct others how to fly in lucid dreams. My favorite remark was "I fly around like a drunken superman". Lots of (unintentional) laughs at this sub-reddit !

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4 years ago

Call for piano music scores (this is serious !)

I saw the following composition contest at:

(Here is the article)
One-note music for pianist Juan María Solare

Pianist Juan María Solare is calling for one-minute piano pieces to be premiered at the university of Bremen, Germany, on June 17th, 2014.

Submission guidelines:
- Submission deadline: May 25, 2014 (12 hours tolerance for the antipodes' composers).
- All works must have only one note.
- Solo piano.
- This call is open to all composers.
- There is no fee to submit.

- Pieces must have only one note. How to define "note" is left to the composer's imagination (and believe me: that's not a banal task). You can join the discussion at

- Pieces must be scored for solo piano only (extended techniques such as "inside piano" welcome, but not required). Verbal scores or graphic scores are welcome. No electronics in this project.

- The instrument to be used is a Bösendorfer grand piano that goes down to a F0 (instead of a A0).

- Selected pieces will be performed by Juan María Solare at the Theatersaal of the university of Bremen (Germany) on Tuesday June 17, 2014 at 12:30pm. (About the theater:

- If there are enough pieces (say, 60), the pianist plans to record a download-only album with them (in the label Janus Music & Sound). Selected composers will be kindly requested to purchase the whole album (standard iTunes price - under 10 dollars) to contribute with recording costs. Nevertheless, purchasing the album is not compulsory - just a gesture of comradery.

- So, along with your submission please state whether you in principle agree to be included in this recording or not (you can change your decision later). At some point, some paperwork (i.e. your official agreement) might be necessary. Don't worry: until that point, you are not committing to anything. In any case, you will always retain all rights on your composition.

- You can send previously composed pieces (premiered or not).
- Multiple submissions are accepted, but this is not a lottery.
- Works need to be submitted via email to:
- The subject line should read One Note Piano Music - Composer's Name - Title
- The score must be submitted as an attached PDF file. (Performance notes should be included with the score.)

- Optional: Include a 50-word biography and 50-word program note as text in the body of the email. Do NOT send these as attachments. Any language is acceptable (except harsh).
- Please include your current mailing address in the text of the email.
- If you want a link to your personal webpage, send your website address.

The selected composers will be emailed and the results announced in and in a page of the university of Bremen's concert calendar (permalink not yet available, but will begin

Pianist & composer Juan María Solare (Buenos Aires, 1966), an Argentine living in Germany, is one of those musicians that open scarcely travelled paths. The originality of his music stems from the confluence between post-Piazzollian tango and classical contemporary ("post-tonal") music. His singular style represents a synthesis of North and South, classical and popular, wit and melancholy, performance and composition. "Art music and light music are not irreconcilable extremes, but poles in a force field", says Solare about his "musical bilingualism".

He has given piano recitals in Buenos Aires and dozens of Argentinean cities, plus Berlin, Hamburg, Istanbul, Finland, Denmark, Amsterdam, Madrid, Graz, Geneva, Seville, Texas, London... The audience at his concerts is fascinated by his warmth and quality.

- More information:

- Feel free to like the pianist on Facebook :
Deadline: 25 May 2014
Entry Fee: 0.00
Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK)
Web site:

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5 years ago

Toy Piano - Ongoing Events

This is actually serious and somewhat funny. I can't attend but maybe someone in Europe can....

Sunday, December 2nd 2012
Rainy Days Festival, a John Cage Extravaganza
Luxembourg Philharmonie

Premieres of works ranging from solo toy piano to 6 toy pianos
By composers from 4 continents
Summit participants: Phyllis Chen, Isabel Ettanauer, Pascal Meyer, Xenia Pestova, Margaret Leng Tan and Bernd Wiesemann

We hope to accomplish more at this summit than all other world summits have collectively!

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6 years ago

Mozart's "Kiss My Ass" Canons...

After submitting the first one to the group, and after receiving the first two comments, i realized that there is the potential for much discussion on these I really have no idea why they were written either. Thus this thread to tackle the mystery of Mozart's alleged humor :)

Also, I'll begin this discussion with the first two comments (and their replies from me) from the "Leck...fine rech" submission:


That's very interesting haha. How'd you find this?


Strangely enough, my son listens to ICP and they "covered" it. I thought it was a joke until i did some looking around and found it. The only site i could find it had pretty much everything disabled except "print"...that's why i'm unsure about the copyright..but i'm pretty sure it's in the public domain being Mozart and all.

Anyway, I ended up just re-writing it, note for note (and lyric for lyric, lol) in MuseScore so that if anyone wanted it for its novelty value, it would be easy to attain.

apparently there are two versions as well (i'll get the other one up soon):


... Very pleasing description. Why would Mozart write something like that?


Who knows, lol?? I would *like* to believe that perhaps Mozart got hacked off at some sycophantic friends (he was renowned and all) and that maybe all the song means is indeed "Kiss my ass" because it doesn't translate well between languages as well as cultural time reference??

Here is the Mozart forum discussing both canons (see my response to Taylor above). Apparently he wrote quite a bit of joke music as a reaction to certain people in his life, including students:

Wikipedia states "The Trnka canon's original lyrics were "Tu sei gelosa, è vero," but Mozart set the canon to his own scatological lyrics, probably for the purpose of being sung by partiers." perhaps it's supposed to be a Drinking Song??

Apparently these were just found in 1990 and are now at Harvard (and looks like there's at least 3...). This article states that it is possible a "former contemporary" of Mozart may have written the lyrics....erm, jealousy maybe?? Here's the NY Times link.
If you find out, please let me know! :)

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6 years ago