Mozart's "Kiss My Ass" Canons...

May 30, 2012

After submitting the first one to the group, and after receiving the first two comments, i realized that there is the potential for much discussion on these I really have no idea why they were written either. Thus this thread to tackle the mystery of Mozart's alleged humor :)

Also, I'll begin this discussion with the first two comments (and their replies from me) from the "Leck...fine rech" submission:


That's very interesting haha. How'd you find this?


Strangely enough, my son listens to ICP and they "covered" it. I thought it was a joke until i did some looking around and found it. The only site i could find it had pretty much everything disabled except "print"...that's why i'm unsure about the copyright..but i'm pretty sure it's in the public domain being Mozart and all.

Anyway, I ended up just re-writing it, note for note (and lyric for lyric, lol) in MuseScore so that if anyone wanted it for its novelty value, it would be easy to attain.

apparently there are two versions as well (i'll get the other one up soon):


... Very pleasing description. Why would Mozart write something like that?


Who knows, lol?? I would *like* to believe that perhaps Mozart got hacked off at some sycophantic friends (he was renowned and all) and that maybe all the song means is indeed "Kiss my ass" because it doesn't translate well between languages as well as cultural time reference??

Here is the Mozart forum discussing both canons (see my response to Taylor above). Apparently he wrote quite a bit of joke music as a reaction to certain people in his life, including students:

Wikipedia states "The Trnka canon's original lyrics were "Tu sei gelosa, è vero," but Mozart set the canon to his own scatological lyrics, probably for the purpose of being sung by partiers." perhaps it's supposed to be a Drinking Song??

Apparently these were just found in 1990 and are now at Harvard (and looks like there's at least 3...). This article states that it is possible a "former contemporary" of Mozart may have written the lyrics....erm, jealousy maybe?? Here's the NY Times link.
If you find out, please let me know! :)


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