Introductions - Ice Breaking and Meeting New People!

Mar 16, 2016

Hello, I'm making this discussion to bring the people in this group together and for you, yes you, to get to know the people in this group more! Just post a summary of yourself (hobbies, appearance, favorite genre, etc.) and see if you have anything in common with anyone! I'll go first!

My name is Daelen, AKA Contrellto. I love oldie goldie music, jazz, swing, and classical! I've been composing for two years now and on Musescore for the same amount of time. I enjoy reading, drawing, and of course, making music! How I would describe myself is that I'm sociable, yet I'm a homebody and somewhat reclusive; I'm pretty intelligent, but have 0 common sense; I'm very tenderhearted and sappy. I have a dog, two duckies, and two fish! I'm always open to meet new people, and am very open to do a collaboration piece!


Understand that I don't want to give out some information like my full name, so I'll just say my name is Pikabata :) I love video game music, ESPECIALLY from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Undertale. I also love either really emotional songs or simply syncopation in any of the music I listen to and also love classical piano music (Beetoven, Chopin, Etc,).

I don't really have any official theory background, but I've been composing for about half a year now. Tennis is my passion and I play almost every day! I love singing and I've played the piano for 13 years. I'd say I'm an intelligent guy with 0 common sense as well, so people assume I have an IQ smaller then my shoe size :P I'm a very busy guy with terrible priorities and organization skills and also an expertise in the art of procrastination!
I'm not going to give my full name either, people just call me Idiut (some people from streams may know that my first name is Logan). I really the good orchestral songs, like all the 25 year Zelda Anniversary Medleys. I also am really into jazz big (and little big) bands. My favorite classical composer on is definitely Chopin for his piano etudes, and Beethoven for his Sonatas+Symphonies. Other than reading Homestuck and watching Anime I don't have many hobbies outside of music. If you haven't been to the streams, I have long, curly brown hair and a lot of acne. I've played piano for about 9 years, flute for 5 years, bassoon for a year and a half, sax for 2 years, mallet instruments for a while, and am picking up trumpet and trombone. I am in 2 concert bands, a jazz band, a winter percussion ensemble, and marching band.
Actually, I didn't really mean to put my full name. >.> Whoopsies. YOU SAW NOTHING OF MY LAST NAME! *vanishes*
I am Chrif (Christopher) Rice-Rake, or better known here on Musescore as "Ginger". I am/ have been into many different genres of music, classical, A-Capella (probs spelled this wrong), even rap and dubstep at times, I just kinda like anything that sounds good. I have been playing music since 5th grade, when I started on the trumpet, and have since picked up the bass trombone, baritone, bari sax, mellophone, bass drum, and my main instruments, tuba and french horn. Most recently I have really been into the idea of small "brass" bands, most notably Lucky Chops. I play in jazz band, concert band, winter percussion, and marching band, and one day hope to join the drum corps scene. For hobbies, I don't do too much, I play magic the gathering, as well as avidly play League of Legends, (come play with me). I am a tall ginger, lanky to the max, who doesn't honestly talk much or do much of anything but procrastinate.
The more you know,
Ginger (Aka Chrif Rice-Rake*)

*Do not look up chrif rice-rake on musescore, that was my old channel (you have been warned, bad music will follow)
Hi, I am Eddie / KeldeoJustified. I am a big Nintendo nerd, and I am mainly a classical music player, though I also enjoy Video Game music. I play the Piano, Celesta, Oboe, English Horn and recorder, while trying to teach myself to play percussion (mallets and timpani), Saxophones and Sarrusophones :]
Oh yah, and I am in Choir, Orchestra, Concert band and the transposition team of my school :3
Hi, there! My name is Eric/TRepublic and I am, what most people would define, a nerd. I play video games (mostly Nintendo), I play the saxophone (both alto and bari and my goal is to be vertasile at ALL of the saxophone family and other instruments), and in my spare time, I read or either watch some toons or anime. I've been playing the alto saxophone since the sixth grade, which would put me at 9 years. I manage to have SOME intelligence most of the time, but when I don't, I'm just a meme-loving nerd. I've been involved with Musescore (the site) as of last year, as I used the software to write a piece to perform in class, so now I just Musescore either as an assignment or for fun.

All in all, I just love writing, arranging, and making music and would want to continue to do so. :)
Hi I'm the spookiest scariest skeleton, SANS
I am laid back, often sleep on the job and take lots of breaks when composing. My laziness is a combination of fatalism and apathy. I wonder if my indolence stems from my knowledge that any progress I make will be erased when the timeline resets. Conversely, I suggests that this knowledge could be "a poor excuse for being lazy."

Though I am usually agreeable, I become eerily serious at particular moments. I am also observant; I can read your expressions and can often tell when you have already done certain tasks.I enjoy making bad, skeleton-related puns, although the fact that I perform at MTT Resort hints that I may be a talented comedian.I enjoy science fiction and love to drink ketchup. I also hate making promises.

I also plays the trombone, though I have only been seen playing it once. Papyrus finds my "incidental music" annoying..

Like other characters, I am aware of when the game's code suffers bugs and can call you a "dirty hacker" if you achieve an impossible ending of a Neutral Route.

Bad times await...

Hey guys, this seemed like a pretty fun and active group so I decide to join. Being the internet, you can just call me Nickel or NMD.

As stated in my username, I am almost exclusively a trombonist, though I have marched field cyms and might learn Baritone/Euphonium because for some reason my band director put me in charge of all of tenor brass. I'm really not great at composing, and too lazy to learn theory, but I am working to make my music at least sort of sound like music. Outside of music my hobbies include Hung-Sing Choy Li Fut Kung-Fu (long name because there a about 500000000000 different schools of Kung-fu :P), writing fantasy, sci-fi and sometime post-apocalytip/dystopian stories, drawing amateurishly and playing a LOT of video games (mostly TES). My two biggest wishes for the world are: (1) FOR ALL ADVERBS TO GO DIE IN THE FLAMING PIT KNOWN AS TARTARUS!!!!! and (2) Can I draw good hands?? Please?! Lastly, if I were to generally describe myself, I would say I am a cynical optimist and an outgoing introvert.

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