Hey y'all. Welcome to Spreading the Word (man I need a better name for this...)
For those of you who have less than 150 followers:
1. Post scores, discussions about scores, comment on others scores
2. I made this group for us. I need a couple of admins so when we get bigger I will be picking those of you who are active in this group.
3. If you post a score you do not want critiqued, SPECIFY PLEASE!!!!
For everyone else:
1. Feel free to join the group, but I would prefer if you did not post scores unless you have less than 150 followers.
2. Critiques are welcome!
3. Help us out; if you find a score you like, favorite/follow/comment/all of the above. Y'all are the ones we are trying to show our music to. We want your help making the music better and spreading the word
4. If you have higher than the follower limit, I will direct message you to inform you on whether or not you can post scores (sorry this is so strict I just want to help those of us without many followers:))

I hope this group helps those of us who want to be heard but are kinda in the dark right now. Have fun!

Edit: I am willing to make exceptions to the rule about followers if I deem that it is appropriate.
Members that are exempted from follower rule: 

a month ago


Any scores added to the group I will personally take a look at and comment on (give me a day or so to do it; if I don't please remind me I can get pretty busy)

a month ago