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So I've noticed that this group has been dead for years. Maybe you've noticed it too. Maybe you're all bummed out. Maybe you miss taking part in the competitions. Well, you're in luck! Music Battle has been going strong for over three years now. We're just finishing our 38th monthly battle, so now is the perfect time to join! You can vote for the winner of battle 38, and then compete in battle 39! Do you have what it takes to win a Music Battle? Let's find out!

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2 years ago

Song of the Lake

Hi, is this group for students or professional composers or both? I have two recordings at

"Sunset" is the last mvmt of my First String Quartet

"Song of the Lake", 1 mvmt, is the Second String Quartet

-I only have the 2nd str qurt in Sibelius

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6 years ago