Dragon Music Studios

If you would like to apply for Dragon Music Studios, apply here.

Application Criteria:
1) Screen Name(s)
2) Why you want to join
3) What types of compositions you create
4) The average amount of time that takes you to make a song with an average length
5) How frequently you finish a song (on average) (from the time you finished another song to the time you finished the new song)

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3 years ago

June/July 2015 Competition Details

Each individual will create a original composition that must require a stringed instrument. You may work in teams if I approve them. Comment if you want to work in a team. Once a YouTube channel is up, we will post the winner's piece along with the high ranking pieces. Submit your scores on this discussion if they are to be judged. The last day to turn in your pieces is July 30th, 2015. You may submit as many pieces as you want as long if they follow the guidelines. Any pieces that do not follow the guidelines will be disqualified or be asked to be redone according to the guidelines.

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3 years ago