Who is a god at Mario?

I make the hardest levels amd they are almost impossible. Some I haven’t even won yet because they are soooooo hard? It kind of sucks 😂😂

2 months ago

Ceave Gaming

Anyone knows about Ceave Gaming? He makes fantastic Mario Maker videos as well as a NSMBU series where he attempts to complete the game under a certain limitation (like not picking up  any coins)

So are you ready? Leeeet's do this!

2 months ago


Ok, what is your most anticipated item to come (from the trailer?) Also, what element would you most like to have in SMM2?

3 months ago

Great idea!

I was just about to make a Mario Maker group lol. I’m surprised there isn’t one on musescore. Anyways, happy to be here.

3 months ago