Robobrood Battle

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“With their strengths combined, the Broodals form RoboBrood! Or they drive it together, at least.”

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With a funky tune, this is a cool tune in Super Mario Odyssey!

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Mario Odyssey: Steam Gardens (Piano Cover)

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As you probably well know, this song is incredibly fun to listen to, but let me tell you that playing this groovy tune is even MORE fun!!!


Score referenced:

Here's a geeky theory note: this song features BOTH the pentatonic (that Asian-sounding scale when you play all the black keys on a piano) and blues scales, the pentatonic being E-G-A-B-D (featured in the melody) and the blues being E-G-A-Bb-B-D (featured in those improvisations)

Mario Odyssey: Bonneton (WIP)

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Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Percussion(4), Strings(3)
After much consideration and after getting all 880 Power Moons, I have come to the conclusion that Super Mario Odyssey is, in fact, the greatest Mario game to date. It is genuinely a fantastic game with SO MUCH STUFF, including awesome music! Accordingly, I'm going to start posting Odyssey-related content, starting with this transcription of one of my favorite songs from the game, the theme from Bonneton. I'm going for accuracy, so if you spot any errors let me know.


Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom Trailer Version

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FINALE! I don't care that I said finale instead of finally, cause I'm just to excited that I got this one DOOOOOOONE! I swear, anymore of this will be the death of me, who made me do this?!?!?!?!

sorry, I might be going a little insane...
Please listen to the end and enjoy