Composers contest :D

so I guess If it's okay with the admins I'll post a contest on the group: say, any original composition, deadline on midnight new years day, eastern standard time.

Songs will be judged by:
Musicality: 10 points total (Can't just be random notes strung together)
Theory Usage 10 points total (does it stick to the same chord progression or not? What forms of theory does it use?)
Development 10 points total (A song is like a story, if it doesn't build it looses its appeal)
Structure/cleanliness 10 points total (Gotta be able to read it! XD)
Originality: 10 points total (Are the songs too similar to any other song entered?)
Level of Interest: 10 points total (is it interesting to listen to? can it maintain ones attention?)
Polishedness: 10 points total (Is the piece polished, are the transitions smooth, do the chords work?)
Superpower: 10 points total (do you use your superpower?)

maximum possible score: 80

to enter the contest simply enter a link to the piece in the comments and state your superpower. Add MWSC1 to the title.


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