What denomination is everybody?

Sep 12, 2018

I’m a southern Baptist 😜


I’m also Southern Baptist! I used to attend a non-detonational community church and agreed with their teaching. It was much like a baptist church.
@lizzapie idk about that, but I do hope it is not detonational.
@Nenchoh Fungus the Aaple user Yikes! I’ve only seen a crane pick one up and carry it away xD
@lizzapie WHAT! That's...interesting.
I saw a car driving a HOUSE down the highway!
It made the speed limit go from 75 to like 40.
@EmojiQueen I attend a Mennonite Church
@ryanne13 That’s cool!
@EmojiQueen  I am also a Mennonite I do not just attend
Technically my family is United Methodist originally, but I'm interning at a Baptist Church right now. :)
@wierded out musescore'er 
I am LGBT+. But that doesn't mean I can't be religious as well! I have been blessed to be in such open, welcoming Christian communities that understand that we all may sin in our own ways, but we can all be forgiven by God as well. :)
@lareinedeslapins  Yep! He will forgive you whenever you confess your sins and ask for forgiveness. It’s amazing!
Hope you like food and know how to cook it lol. Baptist like their casseroles and fried chicken 😂
@EmojiQueen YAS so true. I go to a Southern Baptist as well :3
@EmojiQueen  I think that applies to most churches in the south, honestly. :P I've been to so many different church outings, and there always seems to be fried chicken and macaroni on the buffet table somewhere...either that or barbecue xD
Anglican/Calvary fellowship (I go to two churches.)
Edit: I used to go to a united church(I think) and some people got a little crazy there so we moved to a house church in the neighbourhood, and when that folded, we moved to a MB church where some people from our house church moved too. But the pastor left(ironically to the church I was dedicated in XD) and the new ones' teaching was poor. We moved to a Calvary Fellowship church and the teaching was ace. and then they moved location, day and time. So I moved to my sisters church which is a slightly less traditional Anglican Church.
I'm a Roman Catholic. I use to go to a Catholic Church, but unfortunately most of the people inside, were losing The Faith. My Dad pulled us out as quickly as he could. 
So now we're on our own. And have been for the past 4 years. A Traditional Catholic Priest fly's down, every month or so, to give us the sacraments.
We have a variety I see!
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. :)
@Jaybird1  don't they publish the watchtower?
@mnmwert Watchtower? I honestly don't know what that is. And no I don't think that's published through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. :P
From what I understood at least, The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sometimes goes by the name of the Jesus Witnesses, who publish a magazine called "The Watchtower". 
@mnmwert No, we always go by "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So yeah, I don't think we publish "The Watchtower". :)
@Jaybird1  ohhh whoops i think I confused you with Jehovah's witnesses. I knew the name as Mormon, but didn't know that was the official name.
@mnmwert Oh haha no worries, yeah we actually don't call ourselves "Mormons". Just people somehow came up with that and think we worship Mormon. But we don't, we worship Jesus Christ. :)
@Jaybird1 Ah okay. I never really thought that you worshiped Mormon. The main difference between you and I from the research I did was belief in the trinity, 
@mnmwert Yeah, haha at least you get it. ;) A lot of people think we worship Mormon. He was a great prophet, but we worship God. :)
I am a follower of Jesus, and hopefully everyone else in this group is too! To be upfront, I attend a Mennonite church; however, making distinctions based on what church building you meet in is not biblical. We should find identity in Jesus, not an earthly organization. (I am not against sharing the denominations we are part of, but I wanted to point out that the denominations themselves are only a categorization method used by humans.)
Can anyone here imagine Jesus taking membership classes on what to believe and how to act, and then "becoming a member" of a specific group?!

I know this could be considered radical, :) but if you read the New Testament you'll see that believers met to worship, and it was only later on that quarreling separated Christians into distinct groups.
@Aqueous Humourati  yes! Finally! We all believe the basic idea, why are we divided?
@Beyonka because this was how it was meant to be.
I am Independent Baptist.
No salvationist yet? I'm a salvationist from Sweden!
Non denominational but acts like Pentecostal.

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