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Sep 27, 2018

I noticed that the rules of this group state, "must be Christian." , however, how will we be able to share God with those who dont believe if were exclusive?


To answer your question. When I made this group I wanted it to be a community for Christians to talk and discuss our beliefs with each other. I am going to make a group next for people interested in Christianity and you can join and tell people about Christ that way.
Another reason is that it is cool to know there are teens who aren’t afraid to say that their Christian. And that we can share our stories openly and that we support each other in our walks.
@EmojiQueen  I still have to disagree with that because Jesus died for everyone, not just christians. I don't want Christianity to seem like an exclusive group (sorry I'm in a debate mode rn... band teacher wad driving me nuts)
@Beyonka  I understand where your coming from. And that’s why I’m going to start a group for people interested in Christianity so we can share. But I wanted to see if there was any Christians on here first so I could go forward with the next step.

And I understand the debate mode lol
@Beyonka also if we make it an exclusive " christian" club some people may come in that are not christians. that is just a thought
@ryanne13  What? Do they have the plague or something? No! We are all sinners! Our goal is to try and bring people to heaven, because if we don't... Let's say 2 non-Christians come in to our group. One actually wants to learn about God, one wants to give us beef. We would try to show God to both of them. If it would ever get out of control we can always pray, and if it gets bad enough, you can block them from the group. Christianity is Not exclusive.
@Beyonka  so are you saying you don't care about rules. Yes, it may not be a good idea to just have a Christian group but you can do other groups yourself and have anyone come.
@ryanne13  No, Christianity is not exclusive. I made a group called No Juding Just Loving for people who want to know about Christ.
Should I take down rule 3?
@ryanne13  I care about rules. The 10 commandments are rules, saying that about me basically could relate to the fact that I don't care about those. If a non christian came I'm would you kick them out? I would surely hope not, because excluding people is a huge turnoff. WE. DO. NOT. WANT. THAT. If we would let them in, we would be breaking rule number three, so what's the point in having it?
@Beyonka  but there is still the matter that there is a rule. Even ifv we do not like it we should still respect it. Even if we do not agree with it. And I am sorry I should not have insinuated that you do not obey rules.
@ryanne13  but just because it's a rule doesn't mean it's good. There are bad rules out there, but thinking logically, what's the point of excluding others?
@Beyonka  no you should not exclude people but she still made the rule, it should be obeyed. if you do not agree with it just leave you do have a free will. yes maybe the rule was not a wise one it still is one of the rule.
@ryanne13 if you states that it wasn't a wise one, then why do you still want it? Why do you even want the rule if it's not great? You also stated that you didn't want to exclude others, but does this rule do that? Yes.
@Beyonka  i did not say i wanted it, i merrly stated that it is a rule if we are in the group we need to abide by it. it does not mean we have to agree with it. now if it disagrees with what you think, you can leave. now if this rule was not made according to Gods rules i would have left the group but it just says that you have to be a christian. that is not disobeying any rules God made. everyone needs someone else who is a christian and here is a good place to find one.
@ryanne13  if people are christian, they see the title, then they might join. We don't need the rule, the title is enough. We are sposed to make disciples of men... God literally instructs us to do that. Rules can change. That's why we have amendments on the constitution. If we never changed it, then there would still be slavery. We need to save people who need help, who may be stuck and don't believe, who may have trouble with sin and may be slaves of it. What we need to understand is by excluding ourselves and others, we could be preventing salvation of others. (I'm in a debate mood so yeeet)
And I wanted to also see if there were any Christians on this scary internet 😂
Yes, there are Christians here, and this is a great way for us to connect with each other. I'm not sure about putting "must be a Christian" as a rule, because that creates a "them" vs. "us" atmosphere, and that is not a good way to come across if you want to share with them also.
I'd say that if anyone is attracted to joining a group of Christians, that is a great opportunity for everyone involved. However, the purpose of this group is still for fellow Christian musicians to communicate with each other.
@Aqueous Humourati  So in your opinion what should I put for that one point?
If it is an important requirement, leave it as is; I am not going to suggest rephrasing it. However, you already say "this is a group for Christian teens..." so I'm not sure if #4 needs to be there... I don't want to make an issue! :)
Young! (ish)
If you are interested in my actual age, do the following...

Choose your favorite number between 50 and 100
Add all of its digits together
Multiply the result by: [the number of users I am following + the number of groups you have joined (are in)]
Divide that by [the number of scores I have in my favorites]
Add all of the digits together again
Now, subtract [the number of members in the "No Judging Just Loving" group]
Add [the number of followers you have]
Multiply by [the number of discussions in the "No Judging Just Loving" group]
From the result, subtract [the number of rules in the "Teen Christian Musicians" group]
Finally, add [the number of capital letters in your username]

     I'm serious! (But you have to do it before the numbers change...)
@Aqueous Humourati  ........I was dumb enough to do that 😂. You are 4,561 years old ehh?
@EmojiQueen No, not dumb. I checked it three times, and it worked for me. But I must have made a mistake somewhere, sorry.
Can you tell me what number you picked? I am confused as to why it wouldn't work...

I am 15 years old.
@Aqueous Humourati  i joined no judging jusdt loving thast must be it
@EmojiQueen Oh, never mind. I'm dumb... The reason it didn't work is because No Judging Just Loving got a new member and new discussions.
You just weren't quick enough to do the math...  LOL

BTW, I'm almost insulted that you thought I was lying... I told you I was serious... JK ;)
@EmojiQueen Here's the way it should work:

Choose any number between 50 and 100 (You can use whichever number you like, I'll use 62 for an example)
Add all of its digits together (62 = 6 + 2 = 8)
Multiply by 18 (8 x 18 = 144)
Divide by 2 (144 / 2 = 72)
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Subtract 7 (9 - 7 = 2)
Add 4 (2 + 4 = 6)
Multiply by 3 (6 x 3 = 18)
Subtract 5 (18 - 5 = 13)
Add 2 (13 + 2 = 15!!!!!)

(Yes, I know, I'm a nerd...)
@Aqueous Humourati  😂😂😂 that just made my day lol.

Your not a nerd.
@Aqueous Humourati  And your doing pretty good with Apologetics being that young 👍

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