Guessing age game.

Nov 1, 2018

If you post a comment on this conversation I will try to guess how old you are since I don’t know the majority of y’alls ages.


Rats! I think you already know! If you do, guess my birth-date. 
@NenchohFungus42  Sep 18, 2049 :) and I think your 15?
My picture is old :P
This game is rigged :P lol
@mnmwert  Lol I’m gonna guess 16?
@EmojiQueen I'll be 16 in just over a month. 
@mnmwert  Happy early birthday btw
@EmojiQueen Nope, not quite. I'm gonna be 17 in just under a month and I'm heading off to college next year. :P
I think I kinda knew how old you were. But just to confirm ;)
@EmojiQueen So... you don't think I'm 4,561 years old? LOL
Well then there is that other intresting option to concider for you.
Oh, and somewhat unrelated, but what happened to the picture for the group? Didn't it use to be a green background with a purple cross? It's just a green background now....
@Kenobunny  The change picture thing was not working out so I just used a blank color. It kept zooming way too close on whatever picture I tried useing so I just used this.
@lizzapie Beat ya to that one. :P
@EmojiQueen Ahahahaha! Did you already know? xD
@lizzapie  I heard something about you and college so I figured you were about college age but still in high school. Was I wrong?
@EmojiQueen Pretty much! I'll be 18 in 3 months :D

(EDIT: Except I didn't fail a grade...I'm one of the older people in my grade due to my birthday xD)
@Artsy musician 13  Around 14 I think based off the picture on your other account.
You probly already know since I said it .... but do you know how many sibling I have :3
@Artsy musician 13  Oh, wow, I had not heard that before.
@Artsy musician 13 Almost! I have ten siblings, but i guess if you count me then yeah we have eleven :P
@pianodudette  Yikes! You have a very blessed family.
@EmojiQueen Haha! Yeppers. Sometimes it's pretty wild xD But I'm glad I have my family :)
@EmojiQueen ya, well big families also have an increased amount of annoyers! xD
They test your patience daily.
@Anayla  Do you do karate or a martial arts of some sort?

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