Guys, I screwed up badly and i need help

Nov 12, 2018

So, on Graemx's score "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived", I left a comment saying how I really liked it and offered advice on ways to make it sound better. I don't think I was mean, but I think I might have come off as mean or something, (I did say I liked it and was not attacking him or anything, just offering some advice) Then I come back and, without a reply or anything, my comment has been deleted. I post another one just asking why my comment was deleted, I don't remember exactly what I said, but I really, really tried hard to not come off of complaining or immature.
Without a reply, he deletes that comment and blocks me. Then he writes a paragraph on his score about people's comments and stuff, you can go see it yourself.

I know I screwed up somehow, I didn't try to come off as mean, but I did, and I take full responsibility for what I did.
But, now I can't even tell him that I'm sorry and I feel really badly about it.

I just don't know what to do.


Wow, that's REALLY strange! If he didn't want advice in the first place I think he should have posted something in the description or on his profile page. I'm 100% sure you did nothing wrong at all so don't feel bad about it! You don't seem like a person who would post a rude comment. 
It is hard to come off nonjudgemental when righting. Could you maybe try to appologize. I agree It is a little weird.
@ryanne13 he blocked me, so I put a discussion in the musescore composers group, I don't know if he'll see it,
that stinks. so you cant even go on his sight
Could someone tell him that I'm sorry? He blocked me so I can't...
Jeez, that sucks. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. But whether the dude accepts your apology or not, know that at least making the apology - admitting you might have done something that hurt him, saying you're sorry, and stating that this wasn't your intent - is an admirable thing to do, especially since you had to go out of your way to find a way to contact him because he blocked you and made it difficult for you to do so. You're doing the right thing by apologizing (even if you didn't actually do anything wrong), and if he can't at least acknowledge that, then that's on him, not you.
If he doesn't unblock you or accept your apology, keep your chin up and keep moving ahead! Sometimes people can be unreasonable, and yeah, it can be rough, but there are lots of better things out there to focus on instead of letting one riled up person online bother you. :P
You just gotta let that go. Some people can be really immature about things like that. From what I can tell, you didn't do anything wrong.....he's just being a jerk. Just ignore people like that. Keep writing music and keep posting constructive feedback. :D I wish more people did that, honestly. I feel like lots of times people will listen to something but not bother posting a comment, and I personally love getting comments on my scores...especially ones that help make me better. Don't feel bad about that. If he doesn't want comments on his scores, than that's his problem.
I can't find it which score is it?
@mnmwert I saw it yesterday.....I think it's private now.
@Kenobunny ah okay. I did post a comment on his most recent score though. 
@mnmwert I can't. I think he blocked me,...……funny, it's the first time I've been blocked by anyone, lol, and I have no clue what I did. :P I have never commented on any of his scores.
@Kenobunny I know how that feels...... ClassicMan (the most popular musescorer) blocked me and I have no idea why......

I think he blocked you for being in this discussion....
@Kenobunny Yup, he blocked me as well :/
@lizzapie Yeah...….something's funny about that user.....he's not in RSA, which is good.....I just checked because he reminds me a little bit of a certain disruptive user whose username started with a D....I don't know. I don't want to blow things out of proportion, but I think we should all keep an eye on him, just to be safe.
@Kenobunny oh crap......... not him again........
@mnmwert  Not saying he is........ necessarily. Maybe. We just need to keep our eyes on him.
@Kenobunny Yup...that was my conspiracy theory :P
@lizzapie  Great minds think alike! :P
@Kenobunny Haha, yeah! I’m tempted to get my 3rd account into the mix... :D
@lizzapie  I wouldn't. Best not to make it bigger. Hopefully this won't blow up, and we can all just forget about it.
@Kenobunny -_- oops (check the game for info!)
@lizzapie  Lol, I had literally just seen that when I saw this comment. :P That should be fine. I wasn't sure what all you were planning on doing with your 3rd account.
@Kenobunny Hehe xD It went well... *wipes forehead*
Aw, I'm sorry man. Some people can get offended pretty easily. Maybe he's just having a hard week. :/ To me, I enjoy getting comments from people making suggestions. :)
@lizzapie  @Kenobunny   ???????? What is going on? It's not enough for people to not be able to comment, but he also wants them to not be able to see their scores ENTIRELY?
I'm confused...
If you're giving advice or critique, they should accept new ideas. You weren't being immature, you were just trying to help. He was being immature for attacking you and not taking constructive criticism.
Hey all, I think he may have left musescore entirely; can someone double-check me?
@Aqueous Humourati I think you're right. I checked and can't find any of his songs, including the one that Ginger Snappypuss von Meow Meow the Third favorited, and I believe that Leopardgecko had previously been following him, but I don't see him listed on her following page anymore.
@Aqueous Humourati Yeah their comment on Improving Musescore was deleted so I think they're gone for good.
I have the feeling that that account was hacked or something suspicious.
that would be terrible if his account was hacked!
Hmmm... I think he's back! At least, this score has the same name (Graeme James) on it, and it's linked to the same youtube channel.
I don't want to be creating an issue here, but I think everyone should be aware of this.
@Aqueous Humourati Hahahahaha check out his score now xD I hope I don’t regret it :O
@Aqueous Humourati Okay...he seems to be taking advice now. And he may not be Dookis because it seems he didn’t react to me calling myself Charles Kempsey xD
He’s called The Blocker now :/ He’s already blocked me xD
just don't worry about it. you can control you, you can be you, you can affect other people by being you. I like the way you are, so don't try to change yourself because of some one else's opinion. don't be that person who tries to please everyone, because you can't. you can't change other people. you can try, and occasionally, you will succeed, but there are many times it won't work. stick to you basic beliefs. and never let people treat you badly.
@Artsy musician 13 none of us are going to make it out of life alive, so spend you're time around the people who are worth your limited amount of time on earth.
@NenchohFungus42  that's the point. It 'really helps me though.
@Graemx you're back! This, is the graemx I know

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