a moment of uplifting!

Dec 5, 2018

Everyone name something they like about the person who commented above them, hopefully it brightens all of our days


Uhh… Good luck person below me.
You are totally 100% epic
@Okely Dokely  you say some pretty funny stuff
@Beyonka  You make some cool scores
@EmojiQueen You are a very enjoyable musescorer who always posts the best icebreakers to get people talking and having fun!
@lizzapie You are one of the most kind, optimistic, and welcoming person on Musescore!
@NenchohFungus42 You're willing to stand up for what you know is right, even if you end up sticking your neck out.
(Oh, and you've freely shared the ultimate meaning of life with us all! :D )
@aqueous Humourati
You know what you believe and you are not afraid to share it and you are a great peacemaker.
You make people feel welcome, and have an excellent taste in music.

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