A Composition Exercise

Feb 19, 2019

Since this group is rather barren, I shall repose this (useful) thread from another group

 I came across this thread about a composition exercise ---> 
and found it rather interesting and worth a try.


Composition exercise by the Polish composer Karol Szymanowski(1882-1937) given to his student.

It goes as follows:
16 bars divided into 4x4 bar segments
Tonic chord at the beginning
At bars 7/8 modulate to dominant(in major) or relative major(in minor)
In bars 9/10 write a sequence
In bars 11/12 write another sequence
In bars 13/14 thematic return should occur
In bar 16 coda
And at the bottom: "best subdominant, dominant and tonic, perfect cadence."

Do upload your scores should you try them out! 


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