First Composition Contest on this Group

Hi guys/girls! We are doing a contest for the first time on this group. This is a Rare Key Signature contest. Here are the Rules

The Piece Has to be in any key signature that has 5-7 sharps of flats (concert pitch)
has to be your composition
1-5 instruments
has to be at least 1 min. long
No Percussion
No 32nd notes of faster (Trills and Glisc. and Arpeggios included)
Have Fun!

Deadline is August 20th

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2 years ago

On Non-Contest Pieces Dekkadeci Puts In This Group

This will cover more than just the piece in the OP, but right now, I still feel restricted about which pieces I put in this group.

But I felt like I had to put my Funeral March No. 1 in B Flat Minor, in this group because it was rather inspired by the topic of this group's first contest (compose a piece in a key with 5 or more accidentals in its key signature).

Of course, it was finished several days too late to submit it to the contest. And its 32nd-note tremolos likely would disqualify it. But it was still at least a little inspired by this group.

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2 years ago