Musicians fit their instruments

A thought occurred to me. (Amazing, right?) I was watching a video of "Scheherazade" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov for about the 50th time, and I realized that the musicians really fit their instruments. For example, the clarinetist seemed serious and sort of no-nonsense, like a clarinet, and when the music became more playful, he was more like that. (This might not make sense, but these are just my thoughts as they appeared.) So I've tried looking at people and trying to guess what instrument they would play, and it's a lot harder than I would've expected. This has turned out a lot less clear than I meant it to, but I hope you understand. Does anyone have thoughts on this?

4 years ago


Here is our group's first official contest! (By the way, feel free to post contests, ideas, or whatever else you want in this group!)

The challenge is to write a new soundtrack or a theme for the book "The Composer is Dead" (the video of the author telling it along with an orchestra can be found here - thanks to Donjezza).

To briefly summarize it, a composer dies, or as the author puts it, "decomposes." The orchestra is suspected of committing the murder, and a detective must find out who it is.


-Have a string section, a brass section, and a woodwinds section. You can also include percussion if you want to.

-Have it fit the theme of a composer being dead.

-Resolve it at the end.

-Specify that it is for this contest and post it in this group and in the comments below.

The deadline is January 10. I will be the judge, but you can also apply to be one in the comments.

Good luck!

4 years ago