Welcome to The Composers!

Hey you Composers out there!
(Looks like I can pin discussions now! Hehehe >:) )
Welcome to this group, and thanks for joining! Compose, arrange, share tips and experience, and participate in contests. Share your music and get it heard! Discuss whatever you please!
Thank you for joining this group!
First of all, let's go over some general rules.
1. No spamming. It's really annoying.
2. Don't be mean. Also, minimal swearing please. If you want to swear a lot go to a swearing club or something.
3. Anyone can make contests!
4. Discuss whatever you want, but don't go to far please. *cough* MusixFox *cough*
5. (The most important rule) Have fun!

a month ago

Okee, so here's the first contest!

The first contest in this group. Yayyyyy!
So, here's the description:
1. The music has to be gloomy and sad (I have STD (just kidding) )
2. 4/4 time
3. No key signature
4. Instrument: Piano
The Winner will be announced everywhere possible!
Send the file to my email: nechaev.xg7@gmail.com

27 days ago

New Piece

I composed a really short piece that I thought had a good flow to it, all opinions appreciated! :)

15 days ago


Hey guys, so I got an invite to join this group, so that's cool. I'm Lizante, if you didn't know that already, a random Nintendo otaku who also loves anime. I play viola and will not tolerate any viola jokes unless they're genuinely funny. That's all you need to know, hope we can be friends! ^^

26 days ago

New Album (Harvest, Celebration, and Rejuvenation) BOUNTIFUL Album

Please check these out and drop a comment or suggestion if you have one, I really appreciate it!!! Also follow me if you think I deserved it, I make great scores all the time and I'm looking forward to composing more for this group to hear!!!
#1 Harvest- https://musescore.com/user/28756768/scores/5532201
#2 Celebration- https://musescore.com/user/28756768/scores/5538673
#3 Rejuvenation- https://musescore.com/user/28756768/scores/5545101

19 days ago